Developer: Seiichi Kohira

Current Version: 2.3

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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Flex Ruler is a simple desktop ruler.

・You can customize your ruler color and transparency.
・Enlarge pixel point with Loupe window.


Release Notes:

Bug Fix.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by rcrooks

Very nicely done - This is a very nice ruler app -- simple to use, which is what you want. Not a lot a features, but that means other stuff doesn't get in the way of what you got it for: to measure the size of things on the screen. The only thing it lacks for me is to make it accessible from the menu bar, because I generally want it when I've got a bunch of other apps open, and would rather not have to cmd-tabbing looking for it.

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Version 2.3
Review by roackat

Flex ruler - The thing doesn’t show up on my screen. What a waste of money.

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Version 2.3
Review by khosna

Nothing - Works nice. Very simply and easy to use .. yupu must got to the app and in the apps menu and choose new to get a ruler to show up — a but confusing at first — you shoudl be able to do this via the menu bar icon.

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Version 2.3
Review by I need stuff that works

Doesn’t show a ruler at all - I have had it for a week or so, but now I can’t get it to pop up? Tried to go to support but that seems to be just an ad. What am I missing? An app doesn’t do any good if it doesn’t work and there is no support. I would have preferred to first work with support but I couldn’t find any

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