Flashcard Hero

Developer: Kitestack Software

Current Version: 2.7.2

Last Updated: 4 months ago

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Make your own flash cards and take the pressure out of test preparation. Flashcard Hero keeps track of what
facts you already know so you can focus on what you don’t know and save a lot of time.

Beyond your average-vocab-app: We made Flashcard Hero for those of you who want to fit more than a few words on each card. You can add images, lists, and use text formatting to structure your content. Cards even expand as you add more text so you can take notes during class and turn them into study cards later. All decks can easily be shared with others via the web.


- iCloud Drive integration (compatible with the Flashcard Hero iPhone/iPad app)

- 3 study modes: Answer covered, Multiple choice tests, Typing the answer

- Audio output (text to speech) of text on cards in over 30 languages

- Group cards by topic (e.g. text book chapters)

- Add images from your Mac and the Internet

- Basic text formatting (lists, bold font, italic,…)

- Many deck cover styles

- Difficulty level for each card

- Group cards using the Leitner study system (similar to spaced repetition)

- Detailed study session summaries

- Take notes during class; cards expand automatically

- Import decks you already have (.tsv and .csv format, Quizlet.com)

- Share decks via the web

- Print decks

- Export as PDF and lecture notes


- Compatible with the Remote Control feature of the iOS app. You can use the iOS app as a remote to control the study mode on the Mac while you are projecting on a big screen.

A note about iCloud Drive:

Starting with version 2.0 of the Mac app, using iCloud Drive requires at least Mac OS X Yosemite and iOS 8.

What’s Next?
This is just the beginning. If you’d like to see a certain feature, let us know through the feedback menu in the app.


Release Notes:

- QuickLook preview in Finder now working again on macOS High Sierra
- App now keeps the exact aspect ratio for images that cover the full width of the question
- A number of smaller improvements


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.0
Review by Enrv

Very Satisfied - I RARELY purchase apps. But this is well worth the expense if you’re a student looking to diversify your studying. I had a huge test coming up and was going to be out of town. At the urging of a friend I purchased this app, made a set of flashcards on my desktop, then imported that set of flashcards to my phone app where I was able to study on the go. Truly invaluable. Although I highly recommend this app, my one critique would be the multiple choice setting. I wish it would allow you to set up the distractors specifically for each question. It seems to pull the responses from other questions as distractors and most of the time they’re so obviously wrong that you’re not really learning the correct thing, just how to identify outrageously incorrect options.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 2.0
Review by Catk2

Requires unnecessary OS upgrade - For an application that is relatively simple, requiring an OS X upgrade to v10.10 means older MacBooks must cannot use current features of the paid Mac version with their iOS 8 devices. Older MacBooks suffer in performance with the current OS versions, and don't gain any significant features. This is lazy engineering.

Found helpful by 5 out of 6 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.7.2
Review by islandDVMstudent

Veterinary Student - I’m in my first year at veterinary school and i apologize to grammar or spelling issues in advance (too much physiology to learn and not enough time)…I've used this app for every exam since i began vet school and just remembered to put a review up here. I usually take a set of notes in class and then that night convert anything applicable to flashcard form on my laptop…this app handles all kinds of flash cards great (and doesn’t require the internet which is an enormous positive for me)…i use images from my histology class on one side and descriptors/definitions or labels on the other side...these cards are then automatically saved on my iPad and my iPhone! (a huge game changer from undergrad for me) i study walking between classes, or even on my phone as i wait in line at the exam center...I just discovered the multiple choice question feature and thats been fantastic so far i’ve already told many of my classmates..i can’t recommend this app enough..you can get really creative with the cards because they’re so easy to create in different ways (….this may be the first or second review i’ve ever written for an app, but i’ve been getting great grades and felt whoever made this app deserves a major thank you from me)

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people