Fitness Trainer

Developer: Eltima

Current Version: 2.0.3

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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**Featured in Apple's New Year, New You**
**Fitness Trainer is also available on iPhone & iPad**

"New Fitness app a solid exercise primer for any gym enthusiast" -

Fitness Trainer for the mac is a revolutionary exercise app designed to be the only tool you need to get in shape. The first class Fitness Trainer app brings you everything you need to know about working out with tons of other features that make it far superior than any other fitness app. Best of all, you can sync your exercises, workouts and logs with the companion iPad or iPhone app.

Eltima Software, a world class developer with over 10 years of software development under its belt, has entered the fitness category to bring you a personal fitness trainer that is always there when you need it.


- 450+ Comprehensive exercises
- 100+ Bodyweight and home based exercises (no gym membership required!)
- 15+ premade workouts for everyone, from beginners to pros
- Capability to fully edit existing workouts
- Capability to create custom workouts
- Capability to create custom exercises
- Detailed text description of every exercise
- HD audio instructions of every exercise
- HD images of every exercise
- HD videos of every exercise
- Exercise Equipment Categorization
- Body Categorization
- Muscle Categorization
- iCloud backup and restore to your iPad or iPhone

User-Friendly Features:
- Multitasking
- Retina support

- BMI calculator
- Capabilities to log exercises and edit or delete log data
- Tracker provides capability to track body parameters and chart progress
- Automatically generated graphs for each exercise to evaluate progress

We will continuously support and update Fitness Trainer to make it even better. Please feel free to email us with any comments/suggestions or additions you would like to see in future updates.


Release Notes:

Bug Fixes

Thank you for your support!


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.4.4
Review by nrtijerina

I love you can use it on iPhone, iPad and Mac. - Its perfect! I don’t have to buy and download all these different fitness applications. It shows photos of how it is to be done and other techniques. I really like that you are able to use your info throughout all of the apple devices and it syncs and your updated. Smart idea of being able to sync your workouts to other devices so it goes with you whereever you go.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 2.0.3
Review by SwamptheKat

False claim. - When I purchased this app, I was looiking for something that would sync between my Mac, Iphone and ipad. This app claims that it does that. Fist paying for the app on Mac and then having to pay again for the iphone version should have raised alarms with me. But I thought if it syncs, it would be worth it. After installing, I tried to upload content to iCloud I received an error messgae saying Upload failed and some ubiquity error, whatever the heck that means. I contact support and they quickly responded there was conflict and they were working on it. One month ago…..still not working. How long does it take to repair an icloud issue???? If your product doesn’t work, quit advertising that it does. Deceptive.

Found helpful by 14 out of 15 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.0.3
Review by Tomjunior7

Crashes all the time - I’ve been trying to find a good app so I don’t have to use paper and pen to track my workouts. I paid for this oneas it had an app for my computer and for the iPhone. I want to be able to sync between my workouts between the iPhone and my Mac I thought it would be easier to create and edit my own workouts on the Mac and have it sync to the iPhone and vis versa. I find creating my own workouts is very time consuming on the iPhone. I would then use the iPhone during the workout to follow the plan and see the reps and weight. The app should have a timer to track the rest time between reps and the ability to make notes make notes. I then would go back to the Mac and review the workout and tweek the workout(s). Pretty simple. Pros: - creating an exercise is easy. Also it allows you to enter information like muscle group, equipment, complexity and parameters. I like this ability especially the parameters. To many apps have parameters like weight when you’re trying to record duration like for planks. This app has the right parameters for the exercises that comes with the app. Again most of the apps I’ve downloaded have reps and weight as parameters to enter when weight doesn’t apply to the exercise. Cons: - no search function for exercises. You need to manually search each of the categories to find the exercise and sometimes they are not named the same as you are used to so the search can take allot of time. - crashes when I try to download information from the “Cloud” synced from my iPhone. - When I use this app to “record” an exercise I get the “spinning wheel” icon and I need to force quit the program. - After selecting my exercises for the “day” I can’t sequence them they way I want. I can do it on the iPhone but when I sync the Mac with the iPhone info it doesn’t update the Mac. - there isn’t anywhere I can find help for app. I click the Fitness Trainer Help option under Help but where it takes you there isn’t any help I can find. I’m sure there’s more I could write even some Pros but I just downloaded it the same day I wrote this. It sad when a freee iPhone app, Jefit, is better then a paid app.

Found helpful by 13 out of 13 people