FirstPass Image Downloader and Browser

Developer: Bhupendra Yadav

Current Version: 1.5.6

Last Updated: 10 months ago

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A fast and powerful image downloader and editor. Designed by a photographer for photographers.

- Digital imaging workflow accelerator
- Automatic image download from multiple sources to multiple destinations
- Fast and intuitive interface to sort, rate and view images
- Allows image download over the network
- Thumbnail view, full screen view, view at 100%, rate, filter, rename and delete images
- View images in a slideshow
- Supports all RAW file formats
- Can be configured to use date from EXIF for folder creation
- Browser images can be sorted by name, date and rating
- Compare sharpness of two or more similar images

"Re-naming files has never been easier and I love the large screen previews, accurate color space and ease of use. It’s brilliant in its simplicity and the value at $9.99 is extraordinary."
- Chris Dodds, Nature Photographer,

"This program performs the same function as BreezeSystems Downloader Pro has for years on the Windows platform - much needed. It’s quick, efficient and works."
- E. J. Pieker, Nature Photographer, Sr. Technical Editor

"This program does what it says it does without any baggage. It’s quick, reliable and I couldn’t live without it."
- Douglas Smith, Program Manager, Lincoln Arts Council

Introductory video is available on YouTube (


Release Notes:

Minor bug fixes


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.3
Review by dsmithy

DSmithy - I Love this application. I shoot a lot of pictures in difficult lighting situations (theatre) where a re-do is impossible. Therefore I do a lot of bracketing in both exposure and focus. It is not a difficult task to blaze through a shoot and pick the shots which MIGHT be perfect--but I must do it at full-screen and quickly. I will compare maybe five (or 15!) shots of the same thing to choose the best. Navigation must be quick, rating must be easy and reliable, and when I'm done, throwing copies of the chosen into a new bucket must be easy. This developer had me in mind when he wrote the thing. To be perfectly honest, I had a problem with OSX 10.7-"Lion", but the developer tracked, and solved, my problem quickly. This program does what it says it does without any baggage. It's quick, reliable and I couldn't live without it. Expecially since I no longer have to live with the software that came with my camera. This is still my go-to app for a first pass through a photoshoot. I run a 13" MacBook Pro with the hi-rez (not retina) display and a 400 or 500 photo shoot is a breeze to go through. I use four fingers, left little finger on the 1 and left index finger on the 5, right index on the down arrow and right middle finger on the up arrow. Trash gets a 1 and possible keeper gets a 5 and everything is viewed full-screen and satisfyingly quickly. There is a miniscule delay before the full rez pic pops into view, but I've usually made the initial decision already, and it's easy to get used to. There may be more intuitive apps out there, but this one gets the job done without me even thinking about the mechanics, letting me focus on the photo decision.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 1.0.1
Review by Skydiver 102

Not as advertised - This app does not work with all RAW files (Fuji RAF for 550 cameras won't work). Interface is clumsy and not very intuitive. You can only rename one file a time. The display is good but so is the one included in iphoto and aperture, so I'm not sure why you're spending almost $10.00.

Found helpful by 1 out of 5 people