First Assistant

Developer: Zygoat Creative Technical Services

Current Version: 1.0.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 4.7 MB - Download


First Assistant is a multi-purpose data management utility for film and video professionals, designed to aid offline editors and assistant editors in the production and post-production workflow.

➤ Manage timecode-based editorial notes for creating asset lists and cue sheets (e.g., for ADR, VFX, stock footage).
➤ Convert whole documents between timecode formats with one click (e.g., 23.98 NDF to 29.97 DF pull-down).
➤ Import from a Final Cut Pro timeline, and export text-based files for Microsoft Excel.
➤ Track scene timings (including page counts, estimated and production timings) during prep and editorial assembly.
➤ Perform versatile sorting, filtering, and summarizing.

First Assistant provides two principal document types:

➣ An Editor's Notes document is like a spreadsheet specifically tailored for the needs of an editor or assistant editor. It eases the management of assets and clips in a film or video project for the purposes of creating ADR or VFX lists, stock footage or music cue sheets, and notes for the online editor or colourist.

➣ A Scene Timings document is another type of spreadsheet designed for tabulating page counts and correlating estimated and actual scene durations. It can help a script supervisor to prepare estimates in pre-production, or an assistant editor to report dailies assembly timings during production.

In addition, First Assistant provides stand-alone timecode calculator and conversion tool that's always at the ready.


Release Notes:

• Fixed bug where TC validation would not work correctly after changing native program format.
• Source TC format now follows native program TC format (previously was always 23.98).