Developer: Black&White

Current Version: 1.1

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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FinalTouch is a small un-obtrusive but powerful application. It allows you to slow down the speed of your mouse and achieve unrivaled precision. Perfect for: Illustrators, Photographers, Pixel artists,
Retouchers, 3D Artists & Designers

FinalTouch allows you to create a hot key to slow down the speed of your mouse when you need extra precision. This is especially handy if you have large monitors and have your mouse speed set high.

Final Touch can be used with any mac compatible mouse and the Magic Pad.


Release Notes:

Fixed issues with having to re-select speed when changing mouse device.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.1
Review by rufustjkj

Excellent app - I tried final touch in pixelmator. It worked with out any problems. i thought the precision it gave me was nice.

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Version 1.1
Review by timeuser

It Works - This software does work but it is not as useful as I had hoped for the use I needed. I had hoped it would make it easier to make pixel precise selections and alignments with my mouse while working in Photoshop. The toggle does slow down the motion of your cursor but mostly has an effect when you are moving quickly. When you are trying to be precise and moving your mouse really slowly it doesn't have much effect at all. Surely this has something to do with the mouse motion having an acceleration curve and how this software modifies it. I need the most precision when I am moving my mouse the slowest and then it doesn't do much of anything. Even if you set it to slow your mouse down to 1% it appears to me that the same slow small motion will move your mouse 1 pixel at a time. I need it so that when I toggle, it takes a larger motion to cause a single pixel of motion. Otherwise there are some small oddities when you are setting the key bindings where it can get stuck in the slow mode if you have the interface popup displayed, but you can work around it. Just make sure you close the interface before trying the toggle keys you set. In the end I doubt I'll end up using this much. I think it could be more useful for someone doing more freehand type illustration but I was wanting precision for small, pixel-scale motions.  

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Version 1.1
Review by sgginc

Perfectly Executed!!! - There are two modes: 1. Press the shortcut key and the mouse moves at your selected speed until you press it again. 2. Mouse only moves at selected speed while the shortcut key combination is held down. Great interface! Thanks ... Ken

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Version 1.1
Review by S. Pupp

Allows pixel precise movements with 3rd party mouse - This software works perfectly in my system to improve the precision of my mouse at low speeds. Using my Gearhead Dual Mode Wireless Optical Mouse was an exercise in frustration because of poor precision at low speeds, and the absence of an adjustment in the Mouse control panel to improve this. With Final Touch installed, I am now able to move the mouse at low speeds pixel by pixel on my late 2008 MacBook Pro. My productivity with a number of different apps has improved as a result; I no longer overshoot when trying to click on tiny, cryptic, unnamed icons. To those who believe it does not work: Remember to set a hot-key. The increased precision mode is activated/deactivated by the hot-key.

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