FileCat Lite

Developer: DAG co.

Current Version: 1.3

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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★★★★★ CD, DVD, Pendrive catalog software. Must have Utility! Limited Offer 50% Discount ★★★★★

Get instant access to your files! Get organized in your library!
Keep a file list of volumes from the shelf on your desktop !

Anyone who wrote review may ask for 1 reasonable change in the App.

FileCat Lite App is intended to catalog all files you are storing on various backup volumes like CD's, DVD's or others.

✔ After scanning and labelling you can put your volumes on the shelf. The contents catalog will remain on your Mac.

✔ In any time you can search through your database for files without touching your shelf. When you find a file, FileCat will tell you on which volume is the file you looking for.

✔ You can search for name, date or any other attribute of the flile. FileCat is trying to store all informations about your files.

✔ When looking for pictures, FileCat shows you a tiny preview to make sure you found the right thing.

✔ FileCat is storing a metadata of your files, like artist or album. This can be used in future versions for more accurate searching.

✔ FileCat is equipped with extension dictionary, which informs you what kind of file is ended with given extension (like .pdf).

Since FileCat uses professional database engine, capable to store terabytes of data, it can be also used in major applications: education, government, libraries, etc.

You can use other kind of volumes, such as pendrives, external hard-drives etc. considering that these volumes are read-write.


Release Notes:

- Problems with French language Mac's solved
- Date Created/Modified display fix
- Engine optimized
- Help File extended
- Minor bug fixes


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by xen0blade

Pretty good…. - It's pretty good, like the title says. Needs a little work. The database could use some optimization to make it faster to search and look through, and there could be some more filter options. Other then that stuff, it's great. Be warned, it takes a long time to index large backup volumes, but that's to be expected. All in all, a nice app for those of us with a lot of external drives.

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More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.3
Review by rickatone

FileCat Lite - Quick and easy way to catalog your files on various drives. Would be nice to add a print function.

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Version 1.3
Review by jkeresz

Bad, save your money - Waste of 5 bucks. Took nearly 2 hours to scan an external drive with about 200Gig (what is it doing???) and that was with thumbnails turned off. Even after that, however, the search function does not work, which I think is one of the main reasons for keeping catalogs (so you don't have to plug in the drive to search)??

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Version 1.3
Review by Azorch

Don't waste your time or money - Seldom have I encountered a slower, draggier, more time-wasting application. Three hours have passed by - a chunk of my life that simply cannot be reclaimed - waiting for this application to finish cataloging. I finally pulled the plug and cancelled, having given it every opportunity. Perhaps this is fine for someone with a Gig or so to catalog, but it CLEARLY is not intended for more than that. What is most frustrating is that the idea is a sound one, but between concept and execution something has gone terribly awry. Alas!

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Version 1.3
Review by djsakai

Almost Perfect - I just catalogued 17 drives and search and found files that I have been missing for months. I do wish I could copy and paste file names into the search, I had to enter all 107 file names by hand from my spread sheet. Also it would be great to be able to export a tabed list or CSV so I can use this data with my Filemaker system. Great job and Great App. Can't wait to see it mature and get better and better.

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