File Genie (MD+F File Utilities)

Developer: Modular Dreams Inc

Current Version: 1.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Take charge of your files with one great app.

MD+F File Utilities (The File Genie) provides a number of useful and easy to use tools, including one of the best file renames and also one of the best duplicate finders available for the Mac. The tools provided are:

Search & Destroy - Find and delete duplicate files. It can match files by name, size, content, and truncated files. It has auto select feature and exclusion features for both search and file selection.

Batch Image Processor - Resize, transform, and convert any number of image files at once. A great tool for every day use, developers, and website work.

File Join and File Split - Break large files into smaller parts for email or sharing and combine file segments into whole files.

Rename - Rename many files at once, either by wildcard replacement or by creating sequences.

Re-Date - (Added in 1.1) View and modify creation and last modification dates of many files at once.

File Genie's tools feature easy to use drag and drop interface, are quick and memory efficient, and are built with Apple's sandboxing feature (non-filesystem sandboxing) for extra safety.


Release Notes:

A 6th feature has been added:

- Re-Date which allow changing of file's Creation and Last Modification date.


- The Batch Image Processor now correctly handles all percentage values.
- App can now be closed without having to use Quit menu item.
- Documentation Improvements.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by PeachComb

Helps a lot with my images - I bought this app since once a week I need to resize a number of drawings in jpeg format, rename them and put the size in pixels (300x300) as part of the file name, and send them off. It made it extremely easy to do so I am very happy with this purchase. As for other parts of the program, the duplicate file finder is depressing since it finds all these duplicate files in my projects that I can't delete because I need them to be there, so I see the wasted drive space I have to keep wasting. (What a waste!) I have not used the other features. One glitch I've found is that if I convert a bunch of pictures to a different format, it will append a lower case extenion to them. So for example if a GIF file is convered to PNG, it becomes .png. It should be fixed so it keeps the same capitalization since that matters on some web services.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 1.0
Review by shanyaoting

Bad Bad Bad. Nothing works right - Applicaiton fails repeatedly in finding dupicates. join does not work. split cause splited files unoperable. Bad Bad Bad I wish I can get my money back from Apple Apps store. I will try regardless. Apple App Store should remove it immedately to prevent damaging Apple's reputation to put such a trash on the open market

Found helpful by 1 out of 4 people