Developer: Audiofile Engineering, LLC

Current Version: 1.6.5

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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Fidelia is a high-definition audio player for sophisticated music lovers. With support for all contemporary audio file formats and an elegant interface that focuses exclusively on music, it gives users the power and the freedom to organize, customize and savor their digital music collection at the highest possible fidelity in any circumstance. If you've invested in premium audio hardware, you should have the best audio software.

Just as an HD television enables viewers to enjoy high-definition video, Fidelia provides a gateway to high-definition audio by supporting a wide range of high-quality formats — including FLAC, which iTunes does not support. As artists in every genre increasingly turn to high-quality formats, Fidelia gives discerning listeners a way to hear their music as it was meant to be heard.

Fidelia's stylish interface reflects users' pure passion for music, paying tribute to the iconic stereo systems of decades past while offering sleek, intuitive controls that Mac owners demand. A classically styled volume dial is augmented by Mute and Dim functions. A crisp, eye-pleasing display shows individual track details, stereo levels and audio waveforms. Fidelia also provides seamless access to your existing iTunes music library.

With Fidelia, savvy music lovers have the ability to further personalize audio playback by installing third-party Audio Unit plug-ins. For example, Fidelia reaches beyond the narrow parameters of typical built-in equalization controls, allowing users to install higher-quality EQ and other Audio Units plug-ins to suit any taste or listening environment.

Audiofile's Fidelia Audio System optimizes the modern listening experience by realizing the full potential of quality audio hardware. No matter what type of sounds are in play, it incorporates Goodhertz's sample rate conversion, a new standard, to achieve optimum sonic fidelity. Dedicated audiophiles can also select real-time audio dithering via Goodhertz' Good Dither™ technology.

Fidelia features CanOpener™ Headphone Processing by Goodhertz, enabling you to create a more spacious, natural soundstage when listening with headphones. With user controls that are simple and effective, the algorithm can be fine tuned to your personal music library, listening preferences, and hardware.

CanOpener utilizes a unique, dynamic-range optimized equalization section to maintain the highest possible digital resolution at any setting. So you’ll never need to worry about digital clipping, distortion, or loss of headroom when using CanOpener. The CanOpener monitoring section offers several key monitoring facilities that are typically reserved for high-end monitor controllers or mastering consoles.

With the Fidelia app for iOS (sold separately), users can turn their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a full-featured remote control for Fidelia.

For additional info and product specs, visit the Audiofile website by clicking the button at the upper right.

NOTE: Fidelia does not support DRM-protected AAC files.


Release Notes:

Fidelia is now fully compatible with El Capitan (10.11)


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.3.1
Review by Rick-G.

Best audio engine out there! - So far I have tried Fidelia, Pure Music, Amarra, Audirvana, Bit Perfect, and Decibel. Each of these listening tools has their own strengths and weaknesses. Amarra is the closest contender to Fidelia, as far as warmth and natural sound goes (but Amarra is also more flukey to work with and crashes and freezes sometimes). In fact I routinely rotate through my entire collection of audio players (I’ve purchased licenses to all of them). It’s kind of like “tube rolling”. Yet listening with a good DAC/amp and a nice set of speakers - Fidelia is the one I keep coming back to. Fidelia just sounds more engaging. It is warmer sounding - less digital. It produces a larger soundstage. It seems to have a better sense of energy and is more fun to listen to than any of the other players that I’ve tried. And all the while, it sounds REAL. The music through Fidelia just sort of pulls you in. I keep wanting to find a reason to like one of the other players, but Fidelia is the one I listen to everyday. It’s a great product! By the way, I’m puzzled about why there are reviews from folks having a problem with Fidelia. I use it at home and at my office. Both computers are running OSX 10.9 and the latest version of Fidelia, and I am having consistently good results - no problems whatsoever.

Found helpful by 8 out of 9 people
Version 1.1.3
Review by nivenh

not worthy of its 5-star rating. - this app looks pretty, it plays music, yes it supports flac, etc. the playlist/library management parts are a total joke. it barely works.. all the things you expect of the Library screen more or less are non-functional, such as sorting by name, or artist, album, etc. You click the header field up top that says "Album"… nothing happens. it flashes and shows you the same thing it was before. best of all, half the time, the player gets confused and seems to not know what its doing followed shortly after by a crash. i've been sitting on this review for a few months hoping an update would come out and nothing. this says to me that the authors of it don't even use it. i really want to like it, but seriously, you might as well just use itunes if you don't need the more exotic formats. there's decibel and a few other apps on the mac app store if you do.

Found helpful by 11 out of 13 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.6.5
Review by troiter

Sound quality is amazing, but... - I have audio engine a5+ speakers with the d1 dac. This app has the best quality sound than all other ones I’ve tried. There are a lot of things wrong with this application, though. 1) I cannot seem to get stable playback from mp3 files. I’m not sure if it’s variable bitrate or just mp3 overall, but *every* mp3 song skips at least once during play. FLAC doesn’t seem to be an issue. 2) The library window isn’t intuitive and somewhat clunky. The entire thing is on pause while importing a large library. Had to wait eons before being able to play a single song. Removing a song is also clunky. Ever hear of context menus? Once you select a song to delete from the edit menu, it says this action cannot be undone. I was initially afraid it was going to delete my file off the disk! I’ve opened up a support request (which I don’t even know if it got to them because I received no confirmation) about the mp3 issue. At th end of the day, the sound quality is worth the minor annoyances mentioned in this review, but not everyone is like me. :)

Found helpful by 8 out of 8 people
Version 1.6.5
Review by briab3000

Your priorities will determine how much you like Fidelia - On the (significant) plus side, the sound quality is great. If you’ve been playing lossless or HD files through iTunes, Fidelia will shock you with how much better they can sound. Simply put, it’s not possible to hear the full potential of your high-quality music through iTunes. On the downside, library management with Fidelio, even simply accessing the songs you’re looking for without a text seach, is just flat-out terrible. If you’re used to calling up a desired song quickly in iTunes, Fidelia will be an extreme disappointment. Don’t even think about browsing your music with Fidelia; it’s impossible. Essentially, the only way to use the app is to start with a specific song or album in mind, and then use text search to find it, open it, and enjoy the sound quality that Fidelia offers. Really, Fidelia’s file management is no better than just using the finder in OS X, which can be frustrating. Also, the app can be VERY slow, especially if your library is a large one (which I’d guess it is for most folks who’d be interested in an app like this.) Bottom line: if you’re willing to sacrifice all elements of convenience that iTunes has taught you are “normal,” Fidelia will deliver eye-popping sound quality. For me, that’s a fair trade-off, at least in certain situations. But I definitely find myself screaming in frustration at this app a lot.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 1.6.5
Review by Feds-A

Sounds good but UI is terrible - The player sounds great, especially compared to iTunes but is very basic in functionality. Its missing a bunch of features essentially making it a bit of a chore to use. Its suitable if you are the type to make curated playlists and just let it run, but those who demand a little more functionality should look elsewhere. Think of it as a physical player on a shelf, only basic controls are available. It's also ridiculous the remote app costs $10 itself. I haven't been able to control it with any other app yet. Detailed review follows: Although the sound is a huge improvement, I’ve still had clipping issues. Usability is the main crux here. Its a sign the product is poorly executed/thought out when you start noticing features you’ve always taken for granted before. No right click in the playlist/library, or anywhere for that matter. No context menus anywhere, no ability to edit tags or go to artist/album/genre. The library window essentially just show the songs available. “Open in Finder” is the only option available when a song is selected in the library. When shuffling, the playlist itself shuffles rather than the play order. That would be ok if "Go to the current song" was an option. Although you can make a playlist from selection there’s not a “Play Next" or “Add to Queue” option. When it shuffles to a song you like, theres no ability to go to artist or album. Instead you have to unshuffle, sort by artist, and scroll to the artist to find the little “Now Playing” icon next to the song. There is no filetype sort either. In general, the library has been the most frustrating part of the app. There has been instances where songs are greyed out without any explanation why. Other times it hangs indefinitely when importing large folders and even outright refuses to add certain files. The issue seems resolved now though I'm not sure exactly why as it hasn't updated. I suspect that files need to be added into Fidelia's Library first before being able to insert specific songs into other playlists. Always on top is also not a feature. It wouldn’t be a major issue if universal commands worked or if the Mac hotkeys didn’t lose focus after time. The player itself should also respond to two finger gestures but it only works on the volume knob. The ability to scan with two-finger drag would be nice too or a skip fwd/rev feature. Overall, its a very mediocre app that needs much more refinement. Theres a closely priced which I've read favorable reviews about or a free one in the fruit family which you should at least try first. Kudos to the developers though, its a nice looking and great sounding app but they should be polishing the app more. Even the support forums are sparse. Update: Years later, still no updates. UI feels more frustating every day, inability to create playlists/add files, the list goes on. I’m reduced to playing my entire library on shuffle or just normally. There are no smart sort options, playback features, nothing. I regret paying money as it looks like there are free players out there that actually make enjoying my music enjoyable. Terrible app.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 1.6.5
Review by witchbutter

Truly Awful Software - This app has only 2 positives, that is that playback of FLACs is crystal clear and you can apply a VST to playback, for instance Ozone 7 Dynamic EQ. That being said, everything else about this software is garbage. It crashes and glitches during playback. if you have a number of plugins on your PC like I do it may or may not start without an error message or any ability to filter out plugins. You cannot edit metadata at all. You can create a playlist, which adds songs to your “library”, but it is incapable of updating itself. You cannot delete a song from a playlist, nor the library, even if you rename it and it can no longer find the file. Support takes longer than a week to respond with no actual help. The UI is clunky at best. If you really want to separate windows for no reason, it would be nice if the player could be minimized compared to the waveform. For $29.99 I would expect a lot more out of this software. The cost is really ridiculous when you add $9.99 for the remote, and another $100 for advanced features.

Found helpful by 4 out of 5 people
Version 1.6.5
Review by Avoiding reality.

Sounds great but crashes a lot. - The sound is awesome -and that’s the only reason I put up with the frequent crashes. I use it exclusively for playing lossless FLAC files. Usually the crashes occur when the sample rates change between albums. Wish they’d fix it !

Found helpful by 2 out of 3 people