Farm Frenzy 2: Pizza Party! for Mac

Developer: Alawar Entertainment, Inc

Current Version: 1.1

Last Updated: 13 days ago

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Do you like pizza as much as we do? Then you'll love the pepperoni-packed sequel to the No. 1 arcade farming sim – Farm Frenzy 2: Pizza Party!

◇ 90 levels
◇ Ten animals
◇ 15 buildings
◇ 28 goods to produce

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Release Notes:

Fixed crash in Italian localization


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.1
Review by Stormvoël

Get those bears away from my cows!!! - I had no idea what to expect from this game, but it turned out to be something that can and will consume hours of play if you don't watch out. You'll begin to take a very personal interest in the health and safety of your livestock, and I discovered that some hard choices had to be made at certain levels. I guess this is considered a time-and-resources management game (what do I know? I play puzzles!), but it's a lot different than dealing with human characters (there are none here). You'd have to be a stone-cold rotter not to feel terrible when a bear appears and you're not able to keep it from killing your cow, or you don't have the money to refill the well and you have to listen to your goats bleating in distress for water, even as you can see the s-l-o-w truck approaching with money from a sale of milk. Will the goats live? Or will you have to watch them die and use the money to start all over again? A surprising amount of planning often has to take place before you even start a level. Hint: take note of how much money you have to begin with - it's in the upper right hand corner of the screen. I'm sure the majority of people play this for time -- there are gold and silver awards, along with points bonuses, to be won if you do -- but it's an equally satisfying game to play at length, just to see your money rack up and your healthy livestock doing what they do best: producing eggs and milk and digging up truffles. There's even an award for playing slowly, and if you want to replay any previous level, you can do it as many times as you want. Plus, the pizza-production part of the game is a hoot! That's where the time-and-resources-management angle really comes in. I can only hope Farm Frenzy 3 will be half as much fun!

Found helpful by 8 out of 8 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.1
Review by fun fun and fun!, sometimes!

worth it! - This game is not only good but pretty worth it! :)

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 1.1
Review by Luckeclover19

Better than most! - I had a few issues with this crashing at first, but then that stopped and it was great. Usually in these types of games I master them pretty quickly and end up completing them really fast, and with little difficulty. This one is actually challenging, and I can see myself going back to try to improve my scores. There are numerous different types of products, and it requires thought about how best to approach some levels given your starting position. This is a great improvement over a lot of similar games, that just become boring after a few levels. I highly recommend!

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Version 1.1
Review by OldTimeGamerRu

Great game - This game has many levels and is quite challenging at some of them! There are numerous upgrades that you have to work for and that make the game more fun! I would highly recommend this as it is a good price for the enjoyment!

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Version 1.1
Review by Dittdotdowedowe2998

Non-functioning - Game doesn't respond to commands. Perhaps because I have the new OS Lion. But sometimes I have tons of points I never earned other times the game won't load, other times I can not make a purchase, and always I can not make the cage for the bears do more than just cash momentarily on the screen, it never stoppes them. This game is a bummer…I want my money back!

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