Developer: 042e

Current Version: 2.0.2

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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Some sad news:

For the past few years, we have aimed to provide a simple menu-bar weather application at a low price. Unfortunately, the weather provider we relied on will be shutting down soon, rendering Farensius unusable.

After some research, there currently doesn't seem to be a weather provider that is financially sensible to switch to. As of result, we will mostly likely be removing Farensius from the Mac App Store.

We want to apologize to all our users, especially the ones who have taken time to write to us, whether it was a bug report or encouraging feedback. Thanks to all of you who have supported Farensius over the years. Maybe we will see each other in another application in the future.

WARNING: Farensius will likely be removed from the Mac App Store soon. Please read above for explanation.

Introducing Farensius 2! Including some highly requested features such as night-mode and automatically detecting your location.

Farensius is a little application that displays the current weather on your menubar.

Base features:
- Current temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit in the menu bar.
- An icon of the current weather condition in the menu bar.
- Auto-discover location.
- Auto-detect sunrise/sunset time to toggle between day/night modes.
- Extended weather report when the mouse cursor hovers above the menu bar.
- Menu drop-down that shows a 5 day forecast.
- Customise what to display and how often to update.

Pro features (in-app purchase):
- Automatically change your Mac's desktop wallpaper depending on the current weather condition.
- 5 sets of defaults wallpapers including day and night modes.
- Use your own photos with a simple drag and drop.

Note: If the temperature does not seem correct for your city, try to be more specific. For example you can use the following format for the City field: "CITY, STATE/PROVINCE, COUNTRY".


Release Notes:

- Improvement: Updates weather immediately after the Mac wakes up from sleep, instead of waiting until the next refresh interval.

What's new in 2.0.

- Automatically detect your location.
- Night mode. On a clear night, a moon instead of a sun will be displayed as the icon.
- Icons in retina resolution.
- Absorbs functionality from Farensius Desktop that changes the desktop wallpaper based on the current weather condition. Available as an in-app purchase.
- Entire app is rewritten in Swift, the new beautiful programming language from Apple.
- New app icon.

Thank you to all the users who have been patiently waiting for the new release. It has certainly taken too long, but better late than never I suppose...


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.2.1
Review by alex eben meyer

happy it works again. - best designed, least intrusive weather app around. happy to have it back. a.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 1.2
Review by 040147

Won't launch! - I downloaded this app because of the great rating, but the new version (1.2) simply won't launch!

Found helpful by 13 out of 17 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.0.2
Review by Chilly Chis Dawgz

wrong temps all the time - I wish I knew how to get this to work. It has the correct location? Right now it is 31*F, it reads 52*F. Disappointing!

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 2.0.2
Review by rroonnbb

broken - It’s 82 degrees F outside and Farensius tells me it’s 47degrees (8 celsius). Something broken. Have tried typing in city name explicitly, typing in zip code, and using ‘auto detect’ Nothing works. No way to troubleshoot. no place to write to for support.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 2.0.2
Review by PirplePashn

What happened? - This use to be my favortie app, it was one of those apps that I always recommended and was the first app I installed. How far this app has fallen from the top spot. 1.) The app weather does not update, it has been snowing and 27 for over a week. No amount of refreshing, uninstalling and reinstalling has fixed the issue. 2.) Have you been experiencing wallpapers that just won’t stop changing from a wallpaper of distant past? Well uninstall this app and try again. All in all this app is most certainly broken, I am so disappointed as this was one of my must have downloaded apps. Hope that this gets fixed soon, however at this time i will be uninstalling and cannot recommend to anyone at this time.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 2.0.2
Review by Lightsout565

Waking Up From Sleep - I’m still having some issues when waking up from sleep on my Macbook Pro. When waking up from sleep, it takes about 10-15 seconds to reconnect to the Wi-Fi. It appears that the application is checking for updated weather information while the laptop is temporarily disconnected from Wi-Fi. Therefore, the app is displaying 'N/A'. Why not KEEP the older information displayed rather than displaying ’N/A’. Then check back for updated weather again after x minutes (whatever the user specified in the settings).

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 2.0.2
Review by Justaformeruser

Broken - Current version is broken, does not automatically update. Program was fine before 2.0.2 update.

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