Family Tic Tac Toe HD

Developer: Peter Olafson

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 18.3 MB - Download


Family Tic Tac Toe HD is Tic Tac Toe for the whole family.

There are three boards to choose from: On the Farm, Steam Punk & Wooden.

On the Farm is great for the kids. Each game begins with a random animal facing another random animal. The animals are Cow, Horse, Pig & Sheep. A wrestling style voice over announces the challengers. When each door is opened the animals chosen make a noise. The pig says "Oink", the cow says "Moo", the sheep says "Baa" and the horse... well, the horse makes a noise too.

Steam Punk is perfect for the older set. The setting is in a submarine on a long journey observing the vast ocean depths. Take a break when the captain turns his back and switch from the observation port to a tic tac toe board stashed behind the window.

Wooden is perfect for the executive in the family. A simple wooden board for a classic tic tac toe game.

A voice over announces the winner or a tie in each of the three games.

Play against a friend or family member or with each board choose to play against the computer with Easy, Medium & Hard settings. A mouse or the numbers 1-9 on the keyboard can be used to select a block.