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Current Version: 3.0.576

Last Updated: 2 months ago

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Fade In Professional Screenwriting Software is a complete application for writing motion picture screenplays, including tools for outlining, organizing, navigating, and collaborating, plus extensive screenplay formatting and robust tools for managing rewrites and revisions. And it works with Fade In Mobile for your iPhone or iPad.

Fade In's modern, state-of-the-art application interface does everything professional screenwriters need and expect their software to do. Its extensive formatting capabilities take care of formatting for you, automatically transitioning from scene headings to action to dialogue as you type. It includes a full range of standard screenplay styles: you can use the built-in default styles, customize them, or create your own. The software keeps track of the character names and locations you use and can provide as-you-type autocompletion suggestions. Spend less time typing and more time writing.

You can organize your screenplay however you like, marking and color-coding significant sequences, plot points, themes, characters, and other story elements so you'll always have a clear overview of your work. Use the Navigator to quickly move around your script and reorder scenes.

Use advanced writing capabilities such as the built-in Dialogue Tuner to view and edit all of a character’s dialogue in one place.

• Real-time multiuser collaboration - Work on the same document at the same time with other co-writers, no matter where they are.

• Support for multiple file formats - Importing and exporting multiple file formats is easy with support for everything from text to HTML to XML. Opening, editing and saving Final Draft documents is a snap — as is importing and exporting Rich Text Format (.rtf), such as from Movie Magic Screenwriter, and opening Celtx files.

• Open file format - Unlike screenwriting applications that use a proprietary binary storage format, Fade In uses the Open Screenplay Format: a straightforward, XML-based file format for saving your scripts, providing maximum accessibility, compatibility, and future-proofing.

• Production tools - Manage revisions, page locking, scene locking, omitted scenes and more. Easily generate industry standard script breakdowns and production reports.

• No distractions - A page-only, no-distractions, full-screen mode allows you to concentrate on the most important thing: writing.

• Get mobile - Work on the go with Fade In Mobile, available separately for iPhone, iPad and more.

• Cloud storage - Save your scripts via an online service and access them from anywhere.

• Enhanced for Retina displays with high-density text rendering

• And more:

Output directly to PDF. Batch generate securely watermarked copies. Customize the application layout. Edit your title page. Insert images. Add sticky notes. Easily modify page layout and formatting elements. Live spell-checking, custom user dictionaries, language tools, and integrated help.

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* Please note that the Mac App Store version of Fade In Professional Screenwriting Software is for Mac only. It DOES NOT include a registration key for installing on other operating systems. *


Release Notes:

- Added error detection of illegal/invisible characters (from pasting; although recent improvements better guard against)
- Fixed a possible Recover Backup crash
- Fixed some visual line creep that could happen with mixed font sizes under certain circumstances
- Addressed a cast report regression from 575
- There was an issue when closing a document with the dialogue tuner open
- Updated Scrivener import to work with the new Scrivener 3 file format (as well as old Scrivener files, still)


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.2.416
Review by Wordwreck

Meets or exceeds Final Draft in every way! - Any picture of this app in action is going to make it look like it's a simple interface with limited abilities. It is not. When software is designed this well, designed to get out of the way and let you do what you need to do but still have every tool you could possibly need, then you are free to engage the work in fifth gear. Final Draft may be the standard, but that's almost exclusively due to inertia. Writing is a high-wire act. Fade In is sleek and smart and balanced, and unlike Final Draft, when you fall, there is a net.

Found helpful by 5 out of 6 people