Developer: Orawee Wiriyathananon

Current Version: 1.2

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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**Note: To learn about loggin in with your Facebook username, please read our help page:

FacChat+ brings file sharing to FaceChat's excellent chat platform. Since many Facebook chat users are on the web or mobile platforms, normal file transfer is not possible.

FaceChat+ makes sharing photos, screen shots or any file simple, fast and easy.

FaceChat+ adds file sharing by automatically uploading files to the cloud and sending a link to your chat buddy. (Similar to DropBox's public folders, but completely automatic.)

File sharing is unlimited and free. (Files are securely deleted after 24 hours.)

File sharing links are secure. Only people with the generated link to your file can view or download it.

FaceChat+ gives you a convenient way to keep in touch with your Facebook friends all day long without having to keep your Facebook profile open. This compact chat app lives in your status bar and gives you notifications (configurable) when new chat messages arrive. It has many features not available in Facebook's web chat and keeps you logged in as long as you like.


+Drag n drop file sharing with any user (including webchat users) in a secure way.
- Is a standard chat application optimized for Facebook chat (not web chat).
- Full chat history saved automatically.
- Single drop down window design handles multiple chats simultaneously.
- Username and password stored in your Mac's Keychain securely.
- Configurable sound notifications.
- Can run at startup automatically.
- Ability to appear offline.


+File sharing turns Facebook chat into a true productivity tool.
- More reliable and convenient than web chat.
- Keeps you logged in regardless of whether or not you're logged into the Facebook site.
- Can be set to run at startup automatically. Easy to stay connected.
- Does not access your Facebook account or personal information (no app linking).
- Unobtrusive size and placement means no unwanted distractions.
- Single window design means no clutter.

To get started just login with your Facebook username (not your email) and password. Your personal information is not accessed (no Facebook application "linking") and your credentials remain safely on your computer (authentication is handled securely between the app and Facebook's servers).


Release Notes:

- Fixed issues with chat window formatting (including improving Lion compatibility).
- Improved Asian language handling.
- Added option to clear chat history.
- App now follows active space (does not switch spaces on activation).
- Several performance improvements.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.1
Review by Natalia Braun

Great for File-Sharing! - This app is pretty good! As for its basic functionality—facebook chat—this upgrade to the regular FaceChat seems to be far more stable than its predecessor. I'm able to log in quickly with no issues. My contact list is (conveniently) available to me right from my menu bar, and I can easily see alerts at all times. I completely prefer using this app rather than using Facebook Chat via my internet browser. FaceChat+'s file-sharing capability is what sets this app apart from the others. I just drag the file to the menu bar, and the receiver instantly gets a secure link to the file. All of the files I shared with my facebook contacts loaded in a snap. Even when I shared songs/.mp3 files, they loaded faster than they would've by any other means (including e-mail), and I was so impressed by this. I didn't realize how useful it is to be able to send files to my facebook friends until I started using this app. The only problem I have with FaceChat+ occurs when I appear offline; when I do so, all of my contacts tend to do the same. This is an issue that the developers are currently working on. Hopefully by the next upgrade, I'll be able to give this nifty little app 5 stars. ---- Update: The developers were kind and very helpful. They listened to my concerns, and since the latest update, I've had not a single issue with FaceChat+. It's a reliable app for Facebook chat, and it has the benefit of being able to send files to your facebook contacts. Since this app is about chat only (so far), for what it is, I don't know how it could possibly be improved. Five stars. **Another reviewer has said that the app icon shouldn't be in the dock; however, mine is not in the dock. It is only in the menubar. I don't even have the option of having the FaceChat+ icon in my dock—so I find that portion of their review to be completely inaccurate.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 1.2
Review by Shonari

Has not worked, not even once - I bought this app for $9.99 and from its been installed I havent used it. Not once. Each time I try to log in i get the error “Could not authenticate. Please try again”. I visited their help page and tried all suggestions to no avail. I tried using another client that uses Jabber to access facebook chat and it works fine so i know it isnt my credentials. I contacted them via their contact page and no response and it’s been days. Ive come to the conclusion that this app is dead. DO NOT PURCHASE!

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people