FX Foto Pro

Developer: Union Well Limited

Current Version: 1.0.8

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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FX Foto Pro, the photo effect and editing software for photography enthusiasts of all skill levels, makes the full potential of your photos blossom with the greatest of ease!

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Using sophisticated imaging technologies and carefully designed work flow, FX Foto Pro combines dozens of gorgeous photo effects and a large number of image editing tools to breathe new life into your photos. We promise that with the easy-to-use and intuitive user interface, you won't even need to check the manual.

1.FX Foto Pro, has a large amount of gorgeous Photo Effects at your fingertips, within these categories:
•Classic Lomo
•Hollywood Art
•Black and White
•Color Temperature
•Photo Art

2.Frame your photos with a wide range of classic and modern borders

3.FX Foto Pro has very large image support, up to 50 mega-pixels

4.FX Foto Pro includes a host of professional image editing tools and color controls, giving you complete control of your photos quickly and easily along with amazing real time processing. You can see the amazing result as you slide a controller. Undo/Redo features are included. The main image editing tools include:
•Exposure adjustment
•Brightness adjustment
•Curve adjustment
•Saturation adjustment
•Tint/Color Temperature adjustment
•Highlight/shadow adjustment
•Sharpness and Smoothness adjustment
•Vignette adjustment
•Many more

4. FX Foto Pro, imports numerous image formats including: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, etc. Especially powerful is our support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) image files processing like *.hdr and *.exr. FX Foto Pro, also saves to many different formats, from the common such as BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, as well as others as your needs require.

5. FX Foto Pro is also a RAW Converter and supports RAW files captured by more than 150 camera models like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus and Panasonic, etc. In addition to the many formats already supported, newly released RAW camera formats are included in updates as they become available. Presently Supported RAW formats include: CRW, ARW, RAW, CR2, RAF, NEF, DNG, RW2, PEF, ORF, RWL, KDC and many more.

6. FX Foto Pro includes comprehensive Color Space Management. FX Foto Pro 's developers have achieved two goals - create color space management tools with a short learning curve and provide professional level functions in the same product.

7. Easily share your creativity to Flickr and other social media sites from within FX Foto Pro.

FX Foto Pro is compatible with Mac OS 10.6.6 or later. FX Foto Pro is fully optimizes for Mac OS X Lion


Release Notes:

fix bugs


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0.2
Review by nevadael

Don - I am very disappointed with this app. Please, please don't buy this app if you arleardy have Photo Effect Studio. All the options/presets are same like Photo Effect Studio. The developer's name is different with the developer of Photo Effect Studio, but if he/she was the same, only uses different name, then the developer is cheating. I think Apple store needs to investigate this matter. :( :(:( Very very unethical!

Found helpful by 5 out of 6 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.0.8
Review by crlab

Some nice features, rough edges - This software has some promise, but does not have the reinement one expects from a professional application. The good: can read HDR images like the RAW files from my Sony NEX, can save images as 16-bit TIF. Has some of the common useful tools for enhancing contrast, exposure, etc. Includes a few special useful special effects like vignetting. Indeed, the hard stuff all seems to be done - the manipultions are rapid, the effects provide thumbnails to illustrate the effects, the histograms are useful. The bad: there is a lot of unpolished and buggy code. The tools need to work on any screen resolution - on my 13" 1280x800 MacBook, if I click to see the 'Tone' tools I can only access the first few controls - the 'Curver' controls (and any others beneath that) are completely inaccessible. If I click on some tools to disclose their items, the disclosure triangle moves off of the screen so I can not close them. Choosing 'Help/About' brings up a splash screen saying it was last updated in 2011 - when I close this window the menu item remains highlighted and I can no longer access my images or save my work - the program is then completely unresponsive and has effectively crashed. Some of the special effects are unprofessional looking (edges of stamp). There are some very strange bahaviors that may be specific to OSX - after a few minutes the Edit menubar is filled with multiple instances of the 'start dictation' command. I also do not want to suggest that a small elegant program gets bogged down with features, but a couple of basic image editing tools like cropping would be helpful - especially as all the included 'frame' effects that add borders require a well cropped image. The top menu bar has very few commands but is always visible - the side histogram, frame and effects panels are littered with options that often fall off of low resolution screens but can each be hidden. Why not add a command to show/hide the top toolbar - this would provide a lot more screen realestate on low resolution screens. I generally like small focused tools, but I wish this developer would focus on a single good tool than spread his efforts across a lot of different tools that are each too flawed to be useful to users. In short, I hope the author invest the time so that this product deserves the 'Pro' in its name and the price that is charged.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people