FRS Princess Coloring Book

Developer: Fast Rabbit Software, LLC

Current Version: 1.2

Last Updated: 9 months ago

Download Size: 13.4 MB - Download


100 fun to fill princess themed on screen coloring pages. Join Princess Violet and her friends in their royal land for coloring adventures.

The program is designed for ease of use even with the youngest users.
- If a child accidentally colors a space the wrong color they need only click the correct color in the color palette and then click the space to correct it. (An undo menu item might work well and be the first thing an adult thinks of, but grabbing the correct color is the first thing a child thinks of.)
- Picture pages are not saved automatically. Each time a student pages away from work it is cleared. This is great especially for shared access machines as found in school labs and classrooms. Every time a child visits a page it is clean and ready for them to color from scratch. If you decide that you want to save a page it can be printed or saved as a .pdf file through the print menu option (a standard Mac OS X feature).
- The eleven color palette provided on the right is a great starting point and may be all the colors your child needs. However, in the case your child is looking for variations of these colors they simply need to choose the closest color to the one they are wanting and then darken or lighten it. Pressing the D key will darken the current color and pressing the L key will lighten the current color.

Please contact [email protected] with questions, comments, and feature requests. Thank you.


Release Notes:

Bug that demonstrated itself only under Mac OS X 10.7 fixed. Bug allowed black lines to be colored/erased and in some cases required the user to click an area multiple times before it filled with color.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.2
Review by EdPilot

Not worth the 5 bucks - I thought this would be a great app for my 4 year old (she loves anything with a princess theme). There is no access to the color palette, there is no undo (not even the standard Mac undo is available. The Help function is spectacularly awful! Limited to no information. If you want limited color selections, and a basic click-and-fill interface, then this is fine. But it is certainly not worth 5 bucks. I wish I could get my money back! After trying to use this app after writing this review, it just gets even worse! There is no way to save an image that my child is working on...the moment you click to another page, all the work is gone and wiped out. When printing the work, you get a self-promoting web address on the bottom of the page. This app seems simply rushed out to make a quick buck...I look forward to the developer attempting to fix these problems I've noted. UPDATE: After attempting to salvage the use of this program, it continues to astonish me just how unfriendly this can be for young children. There is no way to select an image to color by page number, if my child sees something she wants to color, there is no reliable way to find it other than to page through to get to it. There should at least be a way to enter a page number to pull up a favorite illustration. Dragging the slider is a random thing since there is no display of the page number as you slide left and right. I look forward to the developer's correcting the many shortcomings of this program...and PLEASE get rid of the text that prints on the bottom of each page. My daugher hates it, and we have to get scissors to cut it off each time.

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