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Current Version: 9.2.4

Last Updated: 5 months ago

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Ace your FAA Private Pilot and/or Recreational Pilot written (knowledge) test! Spend less time studying and more time flying. GroundSchool is the smart pilot's secret for passing FAA knowledge (written) and is brought to you by Dauntless Aviation, the trusted leader in FAA written test prep.

GroundSchool is fully compatible with FAA ACS (Airman Certification Standards) and our editorial team is working to keep it so as ACS continues to evolve.


* Actual FAA Questions (ACS) Current and Valid for Right Now: What you see in the app is highly likely to be exactly what you see on the actual test. Use the program's built-in self-update feature to get the latest question set and illustrated explanations via the Internet.

* FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE: so that whenever you're ready to take the test, the app will be there to help you study (and then review later on). Unlike with books, which are getting out of date from the moment they are printed, update capability is built right into the app. So, when you receive this product, you will be able to update it with only a few clicks now and in the future and be sure that you are studying from the latest available questions.

* Detailed Explanations: Questions feature detailed, often illustrated explanations by our editorial team of professional pilots, mechanics, instructors, and examiners.

* All Charts and Figures Included - Everything that you need to reference for your test is included.

* Virtual E6B and Other Flight Computers / Calculators, Right on screen for convenient learning

* Intelligent grouping of questions by subject area and specific test: If you study with books, the questions for multiple tests are listed together, making it difficult to avoid studying material that does not apply to you. Our app separates this out, allowing you to concentrate only on those questions that you will likely be asked.

* Flexible Study and Simulated Test Modes: GroundSchool features multiple study and practice modes so that you can customize it to works best for you. It even features modes that emulate the software at the major FAA testing centers so that there will be no surprises there!

* Fits the Way You Want to Study: Regardless of whether you just want to memorize the questions quickly or you really want to learn the material deeply, GroundSchool can be configured to suit and is remarkably easy to use.

* Compatible with all FAA "ground school" classroom-based courses: If you're enrolled in a formal "ground school" at your FBO or college, this app will help you get to the head of the class.

This product will prepare you for any or all of the following test(s):

Private Pilot Airplane (PAR)
Private Pilot Rotorcraft Helicopter (PRH)
Private Pilot Glider (PGL)
Private Pilot Balloon - Gas (PBG)
Private Pilot Balloon - Hot Air (PBH)
Private Pilot Rotorcraft Gyroplane (PRG)
Private Pilot Powered Parachute (PPP)
Private Pilot Weight Shift Control (PWS)
Private Pilot Lighter-than-Air (Airship) (PLA)
Recreational Pilot Airplane (RPA)
Recreational Pilot Helicopter (RPH)
Recreational Pilot Gyroplane (RPG)
Private Pilot Airplane / Recreational Pilot - Transition (PAT)
Private Pilot Helicopter / Recreational Pilot Transition (PHT)
Private Pilot Gyroplane / Recreational Pilot Transition (PGT)
Canadian Private Pilot to USA FAA Conversion (PCP)

Please double check to make sure you are getting the right product:

This is FAA Written (Knowledge) Test preparation app to help you prepare for aviation-related multiple-choice knowledge (computer-based written) tests given by the USA Federal Aviation Administration. This app will help you study for the FAA written (knowledge) tests listed elsewhere on this screen.


Release Notes:

- More cloud fatures
- Minor bug fixes


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 8.3
Review by vikta13

simple to use - i found this program verry simple to use helped me alot with my studyes, really like the up to date question that most book style don’t have i would recomen purchsing it

Found helpful by 6 out of 8 people
Version 8.2
Review by astarflyer

Customer Service - Horrible very rude customer service. Save your money and stick to the books.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 9.2.4
Review by JayManC

Question bank was fine, the rest needs improvement - Purchased this back in Summer of 2015 in preparation for PPL written. My CFI recommended them since he’d heard good things about their PC product. At the time I found that their Mac UI was bright and colorful though not particularly intuitive and seemed to be “lacking”. I got the impression that their bread and butter was the PC version and that they were throwing a bone to the Mac folks but weren’t too concerned about functionality or experience and quality control was an afterthought. (Side note, also got the impression that English was a second language based on sentence and grammar structure on website and emails). Granted, I haven’t checked the latest version of the software (9.2.4) since I passed my written and moved on, but as I was weighing my options with instrument and commercial test apps, I thought about my experiences with Dauntless-soft. I inquired about bundling since their PC version offers packages of assorted test banks at a discounted price but the Mac version is a la cart since the app store doesn’t permit “bumdles” [sic] according to the response I received. Disclaimer - The validity of their question testbank was never in doubt, the method of learning them is what gives me pause in recommending this to anyone else. Here’s the review of my experience: At the time, there was no manual or insufficient help menus, icons had no mouse-over labels and aside from trial and error, there wasn’t a way to know what they were used for [response: Honestly, we get tens of thousands of users every year. Nobody has asked us for a "manual" before as most users find the app entirely intuitive]. Figures would open extremely zoomed in, though not to the area of interest (sometimes not even pertaining to the question asked) and the selection of tools included a line tool but didn’t include a ruler or any way of determining scale, direction, or angle. There was also a reference to question stacks but no way of determining how to utilize that function. There were other issues that I brought to the attention of the developer via the helpdesk and received a rather snarky and unhelpful email back from a guy signed “Steve CFI FAAtest.com” that told me "Even our closest legitimate competitor, ASA, has very very poor, un-illustrated explanations only while our private product alone has over 700 illustrations in the explantions.” He seemed to think he had the best thing out there (maybe he does, but their customer service needs revisiting). Again, I passed my test but was hoping for a better experience. After he mocked my help desk submission (which the tone suggested that I was just whining (after spending $50)) he asked that I not "overdramatize [my] apparent real frustrations with a relatively minor part of our app”. He must have routed my complaints up because within a few days an update was pushed correcting the scaled ruler and protractor issue. The rest went unaddressed. In summary, their question bank was respectable (and honestly, that’s what I was going for). The program (and more importantly the customer service aspect) requires significant attention. My suggestion is that they develop a single UI program that permits purchasable, downloadable content. I can’t say I blame them for wanting to sell multiple programs at $50 a piece, but when I see that three databases can be purchased for PC for $104 through your site, why would I spend $150 on the Mac side?

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people