Extract Words

Developer: Amato

Current Version: 1.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Extract and count words from pasted text, export results to CSV table that can be opened in Excel, Libreoffice or Numbers.

Extract the most used words in a text has many utilities:
1) Extract most used words from baby histories and then print those words to teach reading (Extract Words does not print words, you need to paste it in your favorite text editor)
2) Text to be published can be analysed if it is using too many repetitions, avoiding bad quality text


Release Notes:

Bug fixes
export count number


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by Roman Grey

Almost - The simplicity of this application is good, but it does lack some features that it should have from version 1. (I assume the other applications that perform similar behaviors made by this developer are also lacking these features) 1.) Just like the word export, it should export the associated count. 2.) It should export in multiple common formats, not just .csv. Since it deals with numbers (Count) and text (Words), it should be able to export to Bento, Excel for Mac, Access, txt, rtf, and perhaps Filemaker Pro formats. At least give us something more than .csv so we don't have to continue manipulating the data the hard way after it's exported. 3.) It should be able to import .csv files - when i copied and pasted my text into the application (LOTS OF TEXT), it hung up, and that was after I'd tried pasting four or five different ways into it. Inevitably, I had to put the text in Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac and then copy and paste it again into the application to get it to process. This worked well, but then wouldn't export the counts. 4.) Feedback or support email link in the menu. Surely you don't want your ratings and reviews be the primary location for support requests, suggestions, complaints, etc. Let us give you a chance first! This is a product that could have been built easily by someone with the slightest amount of VB macro familiarity in Excel. Give us some improvements man! Make it worth the dollar.

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