Express Scribe Pro

Developer: NCH Software

Current Version: 5.88

Last Updated: 12 months ago

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Express Scribe Pro Transcription Software is a professional audio player software for Mac OS X designed to assist with the transcription of audio recordings.

Install Express Scribe for OS X and control audio playback using a transcription foot pedal or keyboard with "hot keys". This transcripton software also includes important features for typists including variable speed playback, multi-channel control, playing video, file management, and much more.

Express Scribe Pro features:

* Variable speed playback (constant pitch)
* Supports audio and video playback
* Plays most formats including encrypted dictation files.
* Supports professional USB foot pedals to control playback.
* Uses 'hotkeys' to control playback when transcribing into other software (e.g., Word)
* Dock both analog and digital portable voice recorders to load recordings
* Works with all major word-processors
* Automatically receives and loads files by internet (FTP), email or over a local computer network
* Automatically sends typing to those who dictated the work

Express Scribe Pro for Mac OS X is the perfect software for helping professionals improve their transcription productivity.


Release Notes:

* Bug Fixes
* UI Updates


More Reviews for Current Version

Version 5.88
Review by TruthwChrist

Does not Work w High Sierra, Bugs - DO NOT BUY - There ARE BUGS. First I changed my default keys for Play, Stop, Rewind, etc… They worked initially and then just quit working. Next I hooked up my USB Infinity Foot controller, and while a window came up saying a foot pedal was detected, the set up wizard did not see it. At this point This program is useless…. I recomend a program from Denmark called “F5” which works well! This program just does not work as advertised on High Sierra. until this company gets their act together…. DO NOT BUY until bugs are fixed….

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Version 5.88
Review by TruthwChrist

I can now recommend this application after developer assisted - The problem turned out to be that my foot controller had to be plugged into my Mac Pro USB port itself. It would and will not work from an external USB Hub, even a powered USB external hub, nor will it work from a splitter off my Mac Pro USB port. This is similiar to the external CD writer Apple sells which ONLY works plugged into the Mac USB itself. The strange thing is this foot pedal works just fine w a program called “f5” made in Europe. So I do not think iyt is a footpedal issue needing more power… but the Application itself designed to only work plugged into the port on the Mac computer. This is difficult as one must unplug something else to use this App/Footpedal. As far as the performance, now that I can get the app to work, I will have to rank it 3-4 stars - gave the benefit and made it 4. The Foot control mapping does not always do what you map it to do. For example, if I map both left and right switches to jup back or forward 5 seconds… the right one will work but the left just rewinds as long as you hold the switch (left pedal switch) down… even though you mapped it for a 5 sec jump. This is a bug and needs to be fixed. If the App is updated to allow pedals to run off powered hubs and the mapping is fixed for my “Infinity” pedal, I could give this a 5 star… let’s hope so as this is a good App now and could be a great App!

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