Exportools Professional

Developer: Badia Software

Current Version: 3.2.2

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Exportools Professional allows you output multiple InDesign or QuarkXPress documents as single-page or multi-page PDF, PostScript, or print files (requires InDesign CS3 or later, or QuarkXPress 8 or later).

Drag-and-drop InDesign or QuarkXPress documents from the Finder into the interactive file list and sort it by any file attribute. You can also have Exportools Professional periodically scan a watched folder where you move or copy files. Every time a scan is performed, new files will be automatically added to the queue ready for processing.

To uniquely name the exported files, Exportools Professional allows you to define file naming templates. A template is a sequence of variable placeholders, such as a serial number or time stamp, that change automatically to name each exported file. Using file naming templates allows for easy identification of the exported files, and prevents unwanted duplicate file names.

Before outputting each document, you can choose to perform preflight checks. The preflighting engine quickly and thoroughly checks for potential problems that could lead to time and material waste. Check for: missing fonts, text overflows, non-printing graphics, broken picture links, RGB images, modified links, and poor image resolution.

Built with the modern 64-bit Cocoa code, Exportools Professional delivers increased speed and optimum performance, and makes it the first software for InDesign and QuarkXPress completely ready for future technology developments.

- To output InDesign files: Adobe InDesign CS3, CS4, CS5 or CS5.5.
- To output QuarkXPress files: QuarkXPress 8 or 9.
- Multicore Intel processor.
- Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later.


Release Notes:

- Compatibility with QuarkXPress 9.1.
- QuarkXPress only: Added Exportools Professional XT as a required XTension for QuarkXPress 9.1 or later.
- QuarkXPress only: Removed several limitations when outputting as PostScript.