Export Calendars Pro

Developer: Stefan Keller

Current Version: 1.6

Last Updated: 7 months ago

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Export Calendars Pro will let you easily export events and reminders from your Mac's Calendar and Reminders apps to an Excel file, CSV file, tab-delimited text file or straight to the clipboard. All calendar sources that Apple’s Calendar app does support are supported by the app too, including Google and Exchange calendars. But it's not just any export tool: It lets you export special fields like an event's duration, which is great for determining your billable hours. It also lets you export any contact property for any participant for an event from your Address Book.

Many users do store additional data in the Notes field of an event. Export Calendars Pro can extract various data types from the event notes and is able to export them as separate fields, e.g. Address data, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.

The app is capable of organizing multiple export setups in templates to make repeated exports easier. An export template remembers the fields that were selected for the export, in which order they were arranged, the data sorting options, and the selected export format.

This makes Export Calendars Pro the perfect addition to your workflow: Manage appointments with your clients in an iCloud calendar on your Mac, iPhone or iPad, export them with Export Calendars Pro and import them into your accounting program.


1. Select a time frame for the export. Use one of the provided presets or set custom dates.
2. Select the calendars as well as the fields you want to export and determine the order of the exported data.
3. Select the export format: Excel Workbook (.xlsx), CSV or tab-delimited. Select the preset the app offers or create (and save!) your own.

Data files created with Export Calendars Pro can be imported hassle-free into Excel (Windows and Mac), Numbers, FileMaker and more - with leading zeros, dates and special characters (umlauts etc.) preserved.


Release Notes:

- You can now extract these data types from the “Notes“ field of an event: person and company names (if they are part of an address), streets, cities, ZIP codes, states, countries, phone numbers, email addresses and URLs.
- Fixed a potential crash when fetching events


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.4.1
Review by Old UNIX guy

Does exactly what is says it’ll do - which saved me a ton of time! - About 11 years ago I started entering pretty much everything I do into iCal / Calendar on my Mac … and I didn’t think about the fact that years on down the line I’d have so much stuff in there that calling it dog slow would only be accurate if we’re talking about a 16 year old 3 legged dog with severe arthritis (kinda like the rest of OS X these days, but that’s another story). However, I didn’t want to just delete old Calendar entries, because I’ve got a lot of valuable history in there. So, being a Unix geek, I started exploring writing a Perl script to parse all the .ics files in my ~/Library/Calendars folder and dumping the data out to a CSV file. To say that is a very complex task that would have taken me hours and hours to accomplish is also a significant understatement. Then I came across this app … which dumps out Calendars to either CSV or Excel format. Let’s see, while some would consider this app expensive at $10, when I think about how much time I saved and how much that time is worth, this is one of the best bargains around! Highly recommended.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people