Exchange Category Exporter

Developer: Studio Istanbul

Current Version: 2.01

Last Updated: 9 months ago

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The Exchange Category Exporter is a standalone application,
which enables you to export your Microsoft Exchange or Office365 contacts based on their given category.

The exported contacts are written to an Excel compatible XLSX file, which can be used as data source for further handling. Examples are newsletters, bulk mailings and/or backup/ reference purposes.

The Exchange Category Exporter is our first single button application. Using it is simple. Once you provide your login information, our application will access your Exchange Server and provide you with a list of all the categories you have assigned to your contacts. You select the category you want and start the export. That's it.

The Exchange Category Exporter supports all Exchange Sever Versions 2007 SP1 and higher. You don't need to have Outlook or Entourage installed on your machine. Your exported contacts are stored in an Excel 2005 compatible XLSX file. Use your data for bulk mailings or backup purposes - with whatever software product you like to use.

The Exchange Category Exporter is a read-only application, meaning there will be no write access to your Exchange Server. The transfer is done by HTTPS/SSL, your login information is stored in your personal macOS keychain.


Release Notes:

Exchange Category Exporter has been completely rewritten for more stability.
Now supports Office365 accounts


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Version 1.3
Review by Gyffesme

Not what I needed or what was promised - Ok. Maybe I didn't read carefully enough, but I found a link to this -- by the author -- on a thread devoted to MS Outlook for the Mac's inability to export categories. Unfortunately, this product doesn't attempt to read the categories found in my desktop Outlook client -- it tries to get them from the Exchange Server, which, needless to say, is craptastic and doesn't have the categories (or all the contacts) present in my desktop Outlook client. tl;dr version: this don' do what the author implied it would in the thread. As iterated throughout BETTER OFF DEAD: "I want my two dollars!"

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