Eudic 欧路词典

Developer: QianYan Network

Current Version: 3.6.10

Last Updated: 1 month ago

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请注意:该版本不支持海量第三方扩充词库,如果需要安装扩充词库请下载 欧路词典增强版

• 支持最新OS X 10.13系统
• 首个支持苹果系统屏幕取词、划词搜索的词典软件,支持在任意程序中取词(包括PDF文件)
• 方便的生词本管理、云同步

== 苹果系统中最出色的词典软件 ==

• 大量取词设置,方便不同操作习惯的用户
• 支持苹果最新OS X系统
• 智能词典: 支持单词模糊搜索、拼写校正
• 文章、短句翻译
• 单词、整句发音朗读
• 鼠标取词、划词翻译
• 包含生词本、历史记录等学习功能

== 海量词库,丰富词典 ==

• 常用英汉词条30万个,专业词条40万个,专业词库覆盖医学、经济、工程、计算机等十余个领域
• 同义词、反义词库
• 完整收入权威WordNet英英词典,包含10万条英英解释
• 50万条常用例句库,不需联网也能搜索例句
• 文章短句翻译功能

== 翻译朗读工具 ==

• 对整篇文件进行翻译
• 优化的发音引擎,既可以单词发音,还能进行整句的朗读
• 将发音内容保存至iPad、iPhone以及iPod

• 提示• 此版本为免费版,没有任何使用限制 但不提供学习功能和扩充词库功能


Release Notes:

- 优化 改进翻译稳定性
- 优化 兼容10.13 macOS High Sierra系统


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.6.0
Review by Askingwood

用了一段时间后,程序经常无缘无故崩溃 - 只能卸载重装。希望free版本更加稳定。

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 3.3.2
Review by ZMShellZZ

each update has been a new disaster so far - frankly, eudic is supposed to be the best FREE dictionary app on app store, of course, because there are few similar app. everytime there comes out a new version, i become hesitate whether i should update or not, because it seems there will be new critical issues occur after each update, this one now, still verifies what i was worrying about, thank endic, you made me a good prophet. this app clashes with the system from time to time, collapses and quits automatically without any understandable reason, and the worst update i've ever seen is, the easy and convenient quick look-up toggle on top bar has been removed! wondering what the eudic programmers are thinking? if your goal is to make the app worse, you got it, congrats!

Found helpful by 8 out of 11 people