Eric's All-in-1 Solitaire

Developer: Eric Snider

Current Version: 1.0.2

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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If you like solitaire you'll love Eric's All-in-1 Solitaire for your Mac

Some of the 5-star reviews:
"Eric is back!"
"Best Solitaire ever"
"Fun and Challenging"

The game menus, help and rules are ONLY in English – Sorry about the crazy list of languages shown in the store. It will be fixed in the next update.


Written by the same Eric that developed the classic Mac solitaire game "Eric's Ultimate Solitaire." You can drag and drop or tap cards to move them. You can even throw the cards with a shove! Easy-to-use, with lots of games, smooth animation and a fantastic user interface.


- Over 30 of Eric's favorite solitaire variations including Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, Golf, Montana and more
- Subtle sound effects so you can enjoy your music
- Drag and drop cards or throw them!
- Playable cards wiggle, darken, or brighten - turn off for a bigger challenge
- Unlimited Undo
- Retina high resolution display support
- Game state saved when interrupted
- Smart Autoplay – Plays cards up when its safe
- Detailed Statistics
- Beautiful art, cool particle effects and a fun user-interface
– The game menus, help, rules etc are all in English. I apologize that the App Store listing says otherwise. There is only a very small amount of translated text.

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Release Notes:

* Fixed a problem where the cards in Spider 1-suit and 2-suit could look like all four suits
* Fixed a possible crash when a user beats an existing record on the server
* Ask users to rate All-in-1 Solitaire after they've played for a while. (Thanks – Your 5-star ratings make a big difference!)

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Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0.2
Review by verafish

My favorite solitaire app - I had previously purchased Eric’s Solitaire a hundred or so years ago and was sorely disappointed when it would no longer run on whichever OS I’d updated to. And I was really bummed when I couldn’t find it for some time. I’ve tried several other poor substitutes in the interim so I was thrilled to find it here again a short time ago. Best. Solitaire. App. Ever. Tons of different games, nice interface and well worth the money, definitely over the free single solitaire apps here. Just buy it, you won’t be sorry.

Found helpful by 10 out of 10 people
Version 1.0.2
Review by Steinebach44

High price and poor quality - I have used and enjoyed the earlier version Eric’s Solitaire for years. So much so that I purchased it and even sent in a donation to help the cause. The lastest Apple OS system won’t allow me to use that version (what else is new?), so it is very diappointing to pay what seems to me to be a premium price for a product that is very poor quallity. The game I prefer has stars descending during play that is very distracting. They have no purpose that I can determine. When trying to play a card, two will “stick” together. Try to move one and you get two. After moving the two around for several turns it will release most of the time but it is very irritating and a waste of time if you are trying to improve your time per game. There are other minor annoyances with speed of auto play and settings but you get the idea. I will not purchase this product again if once more Apple changes OS systems.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.0.2
Review by transplanted1

The best hands down. - I started with Eric’s klondike solitaire and quickly found FreeCell and Spider on my iPad. I absolutely love the clear and pleasing graphics, the effortless and intuitive movement of the cards. This All-in-1 package for my Mac does not disappoint and I enjoyed finding a bonus rule before clicking over the first card in Golf Solitaire. The Golf solitaire game is a bit harder than my iPad solitaire games (I win much more often) but Eric's visuals are so awesome, far superior to any of the others I’ve tried, and you CAN improve (slowly in my case) so I will stick with it! Love all his editions. Now waiting for Golf for iPad. Thanks Eric!!!

Found helpful by 9 out of 9 people
Version 1.0.2
Review by Squirrel o’ Steel

You saved the day!! - I have loved Eric’s Solitaire since the early 90’s when I would play Eight Off for hours to get out of doing household chores! Then, when I got my first iMac in 2008, I bought Eric’s Ultimate and was immediately hooked! I had a circuit of games I would play every day, FOR YEARS! Then I upgraded my OS yesterday, and the only application Apple told me wouldn’t work on El Capitan was Eric’s Ultimate. I cried. Then, as soon as everything was loaded, I checked the app store and found Eric’s All-in-One. I actually thought for a minute that I could kick the habit, but no, I downloaded the new app and started playing that very second! The only small bummer is there’s no Alisa or Calculation, which were two of my faves. But, as long as I still have Three Shuffles, Montana, Golf, Seven Off, Poker Square and Pyramid, I’ll live. The new graphics and animation are a little distracting, but I’ll get used to it. Thanks, Eric, for being such a stand-up solitaire superstar!!

Found helpful by 7 out of 8 people
Version 1.0.2
Review by macskier

AS Good As Can Be - I hav e been a fan of Erics’ All inOne Solitaire since it was known as Forty Thieves and Eric Snyder was in college (before?). We met in Boston at what may have been (not sure) the v ery first Macworld. I told his partner I had paid the shareware fee and loved the game. I’m guessing not too many people paid the dshareware fee ‘cause all of a sudeen I was his best friend. I waited a long time for the OS X version to arrive and puit up with its manyu bugs. My daiughter refused to givr up the original and stayed with OS 9 to keeping playing Forty Thieves. I don’t know haw many 1,000s of games she played before she was forced to move to a Eric’s All in One from Forty Thieves. As for me, I will not say how many hours I have wasted playing one game or another. Sufficce ti say; it’s more than I amm willing disclose. If I could award this game a 6th star I would do just that.

Found helpful by 6 out of 9 people
Version 1.0.2
Review by VroniG

Playing solitaire is fun again! - I was happy to see Eric’s Solitaire return. I’ve always like playing solitaire. When Eric’s wouldn’t work any more after an OS update, I tried a number of other games and grew tired and frustrated with them. The money spent on this game is worth every penny. I have deleted all other card game apps. Won’t need them now that I’ve got Eric’s again.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 1.0.2
Review by 2caban

So happy you're back! - I've been using and enjoying Eric's solitaire since the old, old days, and it was always great. I'm so glad to have it back. That said, I'm afraid all the new bells and whistles are unwelcome distractions for me. I really loved the simplicity and humor of the older versions. Also, I miss the option of using the Shift key to highlight (darken, actually) possible moves; that was a very helpful feature in playing Yukon. Thanks for keeping it going!

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people