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EquationLab helps you learn all the skills you need to work with equations and calculations in high school physics and maths.

With EquationLab you can learn how to write your equations, how to solve them, equation algebra, accuracy, scientific notation, physical units and their prefixes.

Mastering equation and calculation skills is an area where many students struggle when they encounter physics and maths for the first time. Often those helping them feel they need support too. At home or in the classroom, EquationLab will support everyone working with equations and help them with homework, classwork, and exam revision.

With EquationLab you can:

Work With Calculations
- Choose an equation by clicking or dragging to the whiteboard.
- Complete a calculation by entering values; the answer appears with the correct SI units and number accuracy.
- To rearrange an equation just drag the variable needed to the next line.
- You can also enter values first and then re-arrange to get your answer.
- Solutions are presented as they should be in exams; students can use them as a model for their own work.
- Have as many calculations on the whiteboard as you wish.
- In preferences you can set how the accuracy of your answers is determined.

Learn to Re-arrange Equations
- Learn about equation algebra and the right order of operations.
- With EquationLab’s interactive equation algebra tutor you create each algebra step either from a list of suggestions or by building the next algebra step from relevant variables and operators (+,-,x,/).
- Each algebra step is recorded and its effect shown so you can explore and discover the best way of re-arranging equations.
- Practising re-arrangement will soon consolidate learning equation re-arrangement skills.

Learn about Accuracy, Scientific Notation, Units and Prefixes
- Adjust the number of decimal places or significant figures shown in an answer.
- Show input values and equation solutions with scientific notation turned on or off.
- Change the prefix value to see the effect on the way you present your answer.
- Help and guidance is provided for each of these vital equation skills.

EquationLab For Parents and Students
- Helps parents help children struggling with equation skills
- Solve equations quickly and accurately
- Check homework assignments before submission
- Catch up on classwork
- Help with exam revision
- Fun to use with friends

EquationLab for Teachers Supports Cutting Edge Curriculum Practice
Using EquationLab in your classroom can enrich learning, build students’ confidence and engagement, and let you focus on those that need most help. This can speed up learning and avoid the need to repeat lessons. All this can reduce your workload. Use EquationLab to:
- Teach equation skills
- Support lessons in problem solving
- Build numerical reasoning skills
- Introduce physics concepts and formula
- Go over exams
- Self mark homework
- Engage less able students by allowing them to easily complete calculations
- Build discussion, questioning and explore metacognition
- Support students with additional learning needs.
- Set up whole class, group, peer to peer or individual calculation activities.


Release Notes:

Added pop up help to improve getting started experience for new users
Bug fix: unit of mass defaulted to g rather than kg
Bug fix: multiplication sign didn't appear in all calculation cases
Bug fix: learn algebra did not work for voltage dividers when values were present
Improved setting of background colour
Removed unwanted preferences
Reworked UI architecture to improve interaction performance
Improved interaction of app with help and using EquationLab on website