Episodes Lite

Developer: skyLab

Current Version: 2.2.1

Last Updated: 1 year ago

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Episodes is an Mac-App which allows you to manage your favorite TV-Shows in a quick and easy way.

It features a powerful dashboard, which gives you a overview over all your favourite shows. It also allows you to play the next episode with one simple click from your hard-disk. It also tracks your viewing progress and shows you meta-data from TheTVDB.com.

If you have backed up your DVD-Sets to your computer, Episodes automatically assigns these files to an show and allows you to launch your favorite video player.

Episodes was designed for flexibility: It doesn't matter if your files are on your hard-disk, a network drive or an usb-drive.

visit http://the-skylab.de/episodes/ and check out our 108 second quick video tour.

Note: The Lite version is almost the same as the paid version, but has some limitations. You can unlock the full version from inside the app.

Please note: Episodes is not a video-player, you will need a installed player on your system (for example VLC, which is free). It also will not download any TV-shows.


Release Notes:

- Compatibility with macOS Sierra


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.1.1
Review by RickyX29

Ok… but lite version is too limited to really try it... - I am really dissappointed in the light version… you are limited to one TV series…. This is not enough to really try out this program… I think I would really like it…. but can't tell with a limit of one series… maybe 3 or 4…. but 1….. come on guys…. That said… I actually considered just going ahead and buying the full app and tryinging it… I thought maybe $3.99 or somewhere around there but instead it is $5.99… I think that price is just a little high for what this program does… or at least I think it does…. not sure b/c the lite version is so limited I could try it enough to justify paying $6.00 for… It is great b/c it gives you series information from your iTune TV Shows… but it doesn't update the meta data with the series information… That is what I would want it to do…. but you can only see the series info w/in the program…. If you make an option to update the tags in iTunes then it would be worth it… but I really don't think I will be opening this to watch TV shows in iTunes…. I will just open iTunes…. Don't mean to be critical… b/c I think this has potential…. just not there yet…. and if it is… was so limited with the one series that I chose that I could not see that it is worth it...

Found helpful by 4 out of 5 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.2.1
Review by Hussein_Ali

I wanted an app to track my shows, this one gets the job done - Episodes Lite app is similar to an iPhone app called TV Show Tracker. I use them both to get notifications every time an episode get released. They're my favorites. The only thing Episodes Lite app is lacking compared to TV Show Tracker on iPhone is the ability to change the time of the notifications.

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