Episodes Lite

Developer: skyLab

Current Version: 2.2.1

Last Updated: 1 year ago

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Episodes is an Mac-App which allows you to manage your favorite TV-Shows in a quick and easy way.

It features a powerful dashboard, which gives you a overview over all your favourite shows. It also allows you to play the next episode with one simple click from your hard-disk. It also tracks your viewing progress and shows you meta-data from TheTVDB.com.

If you have backed up your DVD-Sets to your computer, Episodes automatically assigns these files to an show and allows you to launch your favorite video player.

Episodes was designed for flexibility: It doesn't matter if your files are on your hard-disk, a network drive or an usb-drive.

visit http://the-skylab.de/episodes/ and check out our 108 second quick video tour.

Note: The Lite version is almost the same as the paid version, but has some limitations. You can unlock the full version from inside the app.

Please note: Episodes is not a video-player, you will need a installed player on your system (for example VLC, which is free). It also will not download any TV-shows.


Release Notes:

- Compatibility with macOS Sierra


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.1.1
Review by RickyX29

Ok… but lite version is too limited to really try it... - I am really dissappointed in the light version… you are limited to one TV series…. This is not enough to really try out this program… I think I would really like it…. but can't tell with a limit of one series… maybe 3 or 4…. but 1….. come on guys…. That said… I actually considered just going ahead and buying the full app and tryinging it… I thought maybe $3.99 or somewhere around there but instead it is $5.99… I think that price is just a little high for what this program does… or at least I think it does…. not sure b/c the lite version is so limited I could try it enough to justify paying $6.00 for… It is great b/c it gives you series information from your iTune TV Shows… but it doesn't update the meta data with the series information… That is what I would want it to do…. but you can only see the series info w/in the program…. If you make an option to update the tags in iTunes then it would be worth it… but I really don't think I will be opening this to watch TV shows in iTunes…. I will just open iTunes…. Don't mean to be critical… b/c I think this has potential…. just not there yet…. and if it is… was so limited with the one series that I chose that I could not see that it is worth it...

Found helpful by 4 out of 5 people