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Current Version: 2.0

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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HDD STATUS - Status bar on the left shows the HDD status of the NVR Server. It is further detailed by the figure located right next to it.

PLAYBACK - For playback enlarge a camera and click on playback button. This step will do the following;

1. Populate the graph with a scroll bar that can be used to watch the desired time frame.
2. User will now see search and download button.

SEARCH - This button is located right next to date. User can select desired date and then click search button to watch the recording.

DOWNLOAD - Located right next to search this button allows user to download data in the VTUBE.

PTZ - Allows user to control the PTZ camera. (User needs to have compatible camera to use this feature.)

SNAPSHOT - Upon click of the button user can take snapshots which get stored in VPICS.

ZOOM - Zoom function can be performed by selecting desired area on the camera. To revert back to original view click on the Zoom out button located right next to camera selection button.

CAMERA SELECTION - To view multiple screen options click on the camera selection button located at far right. This will give user multiple options with drop down list.

CLOCK - Clock located at the middle informs the user of time for which recording is being viewed.


All snapshots get stored in VPICS under the location which user is connected. Folders can be created or deleted by clicking on necessary button located at bottom left. User can enlarge the image by double click. This action will expose user with following options;

1. IMAGE EDIT - Pop up through which user can adjust the image quality and its features.
2. TOOL BAR - Located at bottom left user can use following features.
a. Email
b. Print
c. Type (Can also change color, font & size)
d. Crop
e. Move image
f. Zoom in
g. Zoom out
h. Original view button (Can be users after zooming out)
i. Draw (Arrow, Oval & Square)

3. BACK - Located at far left can be used to go back to list.
4. SAVE - Any changed done will be saved upon clicking of this button.



Stores all downloaded video. Upon double click user can view the video, take snapshots and use scroll bar to view desired frame.


This allows user to search the alerts by;

a. Motion
b. Face detection
c. License plate detection
d. HDD Status
e. Access Control
f. Camera Status
g. All

User also has option of filtering search by;

a. Priority
b. Camera
c. Door number (For Access Control)
d. Card Number (For Access Control)
e. Date and Time

All results will be in red. User can change the priority to low by selecting 'low' from the drop down list under 'Flag'. User can also perform following functions;

1. SNAPSHOTS - Can be viewed by pressing on the button located right next to play button.
2. VIDEO - Click on the play button to view the video of that alert.

*For sample search select 'All', choose May 2, 2014 and click 'Search'. For specific search appropriate cameras must be installed and functions need to be enabled.


Enlarging a camera on main window will enable this feature. User can mark area where upon motion user will be alerted. Please follow following steps to enable this feature;

1. Select desired areas by clicking on the camera.
2. Then click save filter.
3. New filter allows user to create new area

Now go back to live view and select multiple camera windows. Upon motion on selected area border of the camera window will be highlighted in red.


Release Notes:

Sample User
NAME - imobile
PASSWORD - imobile

Location - Paul2

This feature allows users to detect faces on the camera. For sample test enlarge the camera 'Counter' on live view and then go to face detect. If there is anyone standing by the counter software will catch their faces and display them in the middle of the screen. Double clicking on the detected faces will display them on the editing panel on right side. To bring up editing tool box double click the image on the right.

User can also use this feature on recorded data by clicking on playback.

* Detection accuracy depends on the lighting, location of the person on the camera and camera placement.


This feature detects license plates. Follows same pattern as Face detection. User can also use this feature on recorded data by clicking on playback.

* Detection accuracy depends on the lighting, location of the car and camera placement.