Enigma - encrypt text

Developer: Muslim Kushiev

Current Version: 2.0

Last Updated: 10 days ago

Download Size: 1.1 MB - Download


Enigma can three touch to encrypt the text.
Enigma is also in the App Store for iOS.

Agree with the person about Your "Key" encryption (for example, the number "563"), and he will be able to decrypt Your message.


* as the encryption key, you can specify the date and time;
* the text can be any characters including emoticons.
* the length of the cipher does not match the length of the encrypted message;
* without special training and tools to break the encryption almost impossible;
* the resulting cipher is encrypted again.


Release Notes:

ATTENTION: innovations can be disabled by removing the tick "Active link"
• "Active Link" - for easy and fast sending of the cipher from the messenger in Enigma (On mobile devices, on the Mac not all messengers allow fast open Enigma)
• The cipher as an active link is very convenient for the recipient of the cipher, now it is not necessary to select the cipher in the messenger, copy, open Enigma and insert, the recipient simply press on the encrypted text and it will go to Enigma, and the ciphertext will be inserted into the upper field automatically
• When the "Active Link" function is activated - "enigma: //" is simply added to the beginning of the cipher, the cipher itself is still the same
• Tell the interlocutors about the update
• Added "show / hide password" button in the "Code phrase" field