Developer: AsramSoftware

Current Version: 3.1.8

Last Updated: 9 months ago

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Application designed to improve one’s listening- and comprehension-level.
It focuses on functions usefull especially to users whose mother language is not English. Actually, with the variety of system-voices available nowadays, the app --besides English-- may be successfully used to improve one’s listening- and comprehension-level in other languages as well.

Main functions:
• Voices can be quickly set in the Control Palette.
• Speed-reading: stage may be varied to suit the user’s comprehension level (beginner, advanced, proficient), as shown in the screenshots.
• Option to highlight each word of the text while being read.
• Table of English irregular verbs (see screenshot 2)
• A text, or part of it, can be read in a loop (i.e. several times).

System-based spelling- and grammar-checkers, and printing functions too available.

And for the creative user, there is a tutorial showing how to write a play (i.e. a text with different voices) and listen to it (see Screenshot 1).

Limitations: one document at a time. That is: before accessing a different document, the current document has to be closed.


Release Notes:

Voices grouped by country.