Emergency Exit

Developer: Raj Kumar Shaw

Current Version: 1.2

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 1.7 MB - Download


Emergency Exit allows you to close multiple screens in a split second. Hide everything that is open on your screen with a push of the button or shortcut key, or simply move your cursor to the bottom righthand or lefthand corner of your screen . Click in the corner and ALL applications will close in record time.

You are at work at your desk.

You are surfing the net instead of working. Your boss all of a sudden (out of nowhere) is standing right behind you. You are feverishly trying to close all the screens you have open. You're literally are toast even before you attempt shutting down the undesirable sites. With Emergency Exit with a single key stroke or a click you're back to what you are supposed to be doing in milli seconds. Your boss will think you are knee deep in spreadsheets instead of combat.


Release Notes:

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Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by Papermakerinink

Instant cover up! - The app is great. I have used it several times now. You have a couple of screens open someone is standing behind you. Move the mouse to any bottom corner click and everything closes and you are back on your desktop. Time needed to close multiple screens is one click.

Found helpful by 2 out of 3 people
Version 1.1
Review by jpapa65

It won't open on MacBook Pro or iMac; And No Response from iLife Touch & Co. - I just bought this App 2 days ago and I've tried several times, but it won't open. When I first downloaded it, it looked like it was opening. However, there was a spinning beach ball and I saw the menu bar icon. But after a few seconds it all disappeared. I've tried many times since first downloading, but nothing. This is not the first time I have had problems with iLife Touch & Co. based in India. I have had trouble with first Contact Bar. I had to wait over 4 weeks before they got an update before that one would open. Once it did open I couldn't open certain contacts (i.e. my mother's or my brother's contact for some unknown reason). Finally on the third or fourth update I pretty much could use it. Signature (I got for free) also won't open to this day, even after all of the updates. I held off complaining or writing a negative review because at first I thought it was nice they were willing to give me free Apps of my choice for my troubles. But, I have had trouble getting any kind of response first on Signature and now with Emergency Exit. I wrote on June 3 and then June 15, 2011 and got no response from the App maker either time. I just wrote October 3, 2011 and I still haven't heard a word from them. I submitted two e-mails one through their Web site and one in a reply I got from them on June 2. If you have bought any Apps from them and they didn't open beware you will probably experience the same thing again with this App too. Don't buy this one until they fix and respond. I will keep you up to date if anything changes.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people