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Your calendar, delivered to your inbox every day.

Do you live in your email inbox? Have EmailMyCal email you a copy of the day's events every morning!

NOTE1: EmailMyCal interacts with iCal. If you don't use iCal, EmailMyCal will not work for you.

NOTE2: EmailMyCal must be running and have an active internet connection for email delivery.

NOTE3: You must have access to an SMTP server to send mail. These are provided by residential ISPs (Roadrunner, etc), mail services such as Gmail and Web Hosting services. EmailMyCal supports POP-before-SMTP and Password-based authentication with TLS security, and has been verified to work with Roadrunner and Gmail SMTP servers. If in doubt, please check the support link and contact us before purchase.

Additional Features:

• EmailMyCal lives in your menu bar to avoid taking up precious dock space.

• Emails are delivered in nicely formatted HTML, with a plain text alternative for old school mail applications.

• You can sort by time, or by calendar

• Include only events from calendars you specify

• If you're a nightowl, EmailMyCal can wait until after a specified time to deliver your agenda when you wake up in the morning


Release Notes:

The following fields can now be included in the daily email:
• Location
• Invitees
• Notes


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0.2
Review by Arthur365

Finally - my get out of jail free card - I switched to gcal for a while for this functionality. Now I have it for ical (with the horrible gold stitching removed of course). So I wake up with a rule set to change the color in my inbox and make it bounce in my dock and for it to forward on to my nearest and dearest so they will never be able to tell me that I didn’t tell them what I was going to do today or where I was going to be and list of stuff for me to get on with. I'm so ADD it would be nice to be able to schedule 3 of these per day to keep me on track - alarms arent the same as an emailed list... Now if you could give me the week ahead on a Friday PM and a Sunday night and book me a cab home...

Found helpful by 7 out of 9 people