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Current Version: 3.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Email Marketing Lite is a powerful and easy tool which creates email list based on keywords by searching the Internet. The applications is really easy to use. You will get the emails of your potential customers in three simple steps:

1) Select the search criteria. This is the most important decision to get an accurate email list. It's recommended for you to try the keywords in a web search engine and refine the keywords until you get the more adequate pages for your market target. You can also especify the number of domains to search.

2) Start the search. Email Marketing uses an advanced multy threading system to get high throughput. You will be permanently informed about the number of domains and pages already explored, emails extracted and you can get an idea of the remaining time taking a look at the top progress bar. You can stop the search at any time without losing the information collected so far: You always have an access to results of the search.

3) Export the email list to your system. You can export emails in CSV format, which is adequate for import in databases and Outlook Contacts, or select the VCF format which is the standard virtual card format for contact interchange and therefore for GMail, Apple Agenda and many other email systems.

Feature Highlights:
* Creates email list based on keywords by searching the Internet
* Supported export formats CSV and VCF, widely supported by databases and email systems
* All the lists are stored and can be retrieved for export at any time
* You can select the number of domains to search and therefore the size of resulting email list

"Email marketing Lite is so easy to use than in less than one hour you can start your marketing actions and get back the investment really fast."
"With Email Marketing Lite you will grab thousands of emails of your potential customers in less than a hour."

Do you want more? take al look at the
* Besides the search engine, you can specify a list of domains where the search will be performed
* New filter to ignore emails such as admin, webmaster, abuse, and so on. You can edit the filter to ignore or retrieve the emails you wish
* You can export only the columns you wish
* You can specify the search depth of the domains, from 1 (only explore Home page) to 5 increasing the number of retrieved emails up to 400%
* Improved crawl algorithm. Now is even faster than previous one
* Now you can use search engines from a specific country so the results will be targeted to this country
* New option to select the CPU consumption from Low, Normal or High


Release Notes:

Updated search engine. Now searches works fine.