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Developer: Keaten House, Ltd.

Current Version: 2.8.5

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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Your email is valuable. Use Email Archiver to create a searchable PDF based archive of all your emails, or just a few folders.

Using it is easy. Install, run and click the 'start' button. A large folder containing a PDF version of each email, (with any attachments), is created on your hard drive.

A manual is posted on our web site.
Email Archiver works with Apple's Mail for OS X, storing your emails as PDFs. It makes them compatible anywhere you can open up a PDF, not just with Mail. Emails are stored hierarchically in the same way that your email is organized in Email archiver makes no changes to your Mail Folders. It simply scans through your thousands of email messages, creating a PDF for each one. It does not require Mail to be running, nor does it modify any settings, preferences or files in any way. The PDFs are created in a place defined by you, not in your mail folder.

The PDFs created have the full email header embedded into the PDF for searching purposes. Also, all attachments that are displayed online, such as photos, etc are displayed in the PDF. Any emails with attachments have a folder with the same name including the attachments right beside the PDF. PDFs use the subject line and the email date to create a unique, readable file name for the file. Subsequent scans with Email Archiver only add new emails, and thus perform faster. Emails are also filed into a Year/Month folder system.

The resulting archive of emails is then searchable by the Finder, and individual emails can be located using Spotlight, etc - they are just normal PDFs. Email Archiver also has a Search window that you can use to find emails by subject, author, etc.

Note that you can set up email archiver to only scan certain email accounts or email folders by using the preferences. This is described at our web site. Just select whatever folders to you want to archive by pressing the + button.

Please email tech support before posting a negative review. We are also looking for feature suggestions.

Outlook support is limited and detailed on our website.

Requires 10.8 or later.


Release Notes:

Bug fixes.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.5.0
Review by Nariosan

Folks this is the real deal! - I'm I can't find any problems with it - I'm not sure what the previous versions of this app were like - I read all 12 previous version reviews and I couldnt recreate any of the major problems mentioned... but let's start from the beginning. I have as of this writing 29,000 emails across a dozen plus different accts (pop and imap) as Im consolidating all my emails into my iMac. They go back to feb 2010 which is when I first switched to Mac (from Windows). This count includes everything inbox, sent box, junk folders etc. This past week Apple mail has started to act up, not sure if due to a release version or size. It has frozen 3 times in the last 5 days. I had manually deleted another bunch of emails manually previousy but I realized my scripts for deleting weren't working when I saw emails all the way back to 2010. I was in the process of highlighting them and hit delete when it occured to me look / browse some if the emails. As I looked through them it occured to me looking at the emails that maybe I wanted to have all this saved for future used. Who knows. It only came to 4 Gb which is nothing on a 2T or 3T disk. What decided it for me was when I found a smartphone video of my daughter's class "singing and wishing" her a "happy wedding day". What else could be in there that I didnt want to lose? So the real problem became to how do we archive first and ONLY THEN delete. I didnt find archiving capabilities from within Apple mail. And I didnt look too hard because I did NOT want anything proprietary. An archive can last many years, so if you are not careful the format youarchive it on could become obsolete and then you have nothing. I scanned at the 30+ apps that came up when I searched the Mac App store for different combos for "Mail utilities, Archive, etc". After an hour or two I decided to give this product a shot. Here's what I found I like about this product: - it archives to any destination (disk) you want. Stick, USB, Firewire, anything Finder can read - EVEN NETWORK DISKS! - If finder file system sees it, you can put your archive there. - it archives in PDF format (one per email) so that you do NOT need a special tool, a propriatary database, nothing to research & view your archived emails, or copy them or view the archive (it comes with a basic search routine but you dont need it. Apple searches can find it). The format is kind of basic but works fine: nesting folders starting with Main Folder / followed by mailbox id or folder / followed by year / followed by a single digit (1-12) for months. Each of these is a folder. So inside "mailbox-Inbox" you'll see the Year, inside the year the months etc. - You can read the archive in anything that reads the file format. Apples, Windows machines, etc. If it can read PDFs it can read your archive - it does generate huge unique names per each email filename - BUT it can be limited to make it compatible with other OS. Example if it's important to be able to read it one day in non-apple machines (it is to me because not everyone has one) you can click on "Windows compatible names" - It is fast - it can work while you watch or whenever your machine sleeps - you decide. - it has a single line interface system with three buttons or functions: Search, Settings and Start - In the settings functions it defaults to the entire Mail folder BUT unlike previous reviewers said YOU can select any Mail subfolders - you can include and exclude folders names It accesses the Mail folder directly. Whether Mail is up or not. In fact I had never seen "inside of the Mail" folder and it's pretty easy to discover the internal names for your email mailboxes. Just browse it from the app or from Finder. Pros/Cons: - It is VERY simple to run a single command line box. No windows, no UIs, just a progress bar below the command box. Good or bad depending on your taste. - It is geeky looking - maybe intimidating to some used to click and point. Others will love its simplicity. - It IS FAST. Can't say it enough. If your need is to archive emails in a format that will NOT require special tools or engines or databases and therefore likely to out-obsolete our computers, this is it. THANKS Keaten House. This approach should be used for other doc types

Found helpful by 19 out of 19 people
Version 2.8.0
Review by J.Naeve

Email Archiver really isn’t all that its made out to be. - I have to say that in concept this tool really appealed to me. Being able to archive to PDF with attachments is a really good idea and accessing them via Spotlight is really necessary. However, in execution its horrible, SAVE YOUR MONEY!! First, they state that you can select or omit your folders - while that’s true, as long as its one of the MBOX folders under ~/Library/Mail and you don’t get to select them from a view, you have to go to the Library with Finder and select which folders from within that mess of cryptic files and folders! Once you finally select the folders you want to archive, your archives are created in a directory that matches identically to the folder directory heirarchy so you have to go search through this: ~/Library/Mail/V2/Mailboxes/[mailboxname].mbox/[cryptic_folder_name]/Data/2/1/Messages/[email title]… blah blah blah. This becomes unmanageable and unrealistic. Additionally, its extremely slow and most of the archived email I created started to request access to my keychain after archiving, I guess because they access secure sites within my Corporate domain. This became extremely painful as I don’t like providing keychain access to anything untrusted and this quickly became the case with “Email Archiver”. I also noticed that recent exports popped up in an inaccessible window that wouldn’t go away directly. For me, the System CPU was maxed out during the export and while it is a 64-bit app, it caused my MacBook Air fan to run continuously until I hit the stop button. In the time it took me to archive 4,000 email, I was able to archive ALL email twice using Emailchemy by Weirdkid software which is a much better archival tool. Only trouble with Emailchemy is you can’t get Spotlight to collect the format of the archive. I’m going to attempt to get a refund for this purchase. This is far less than satisfactory in my book.

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More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.8.5
Review by ryanflucas

Not compatible with El Capitan? - About a week after upgrading to El Capitan, this stopped working. Removing and re-installing doesn’t fix the problem. I can’t use the application at all. If I wait long enough an ad pops up with a coupon code for a new application they are releasing, but the app itself freezes. I need to force quit it. I contacted the developer and was told they are working on it. Don’t buy until a new version post v2.8.5 is released. I’d contact Apple and try to get a refund except I really like this program. It does exactly what I need it to do, take a mbox file and spit out an organized directory of PDF files. The uses for this are great enough that I will try and wait. I work with a law firm that often needs to submit email history for a particular case. I use Google Takeout to export a label (group of messages with the same label tag) into a mbox file. When this application worked it worked amazingly. I just hope it can work again. The Windows alternatives to this are a pain to use.

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