Developer: Monocle Society

Current Version: 1.0.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 25.6 MB - Download


Eggscellent (formerly Pomodorable) offers an exciting and adorable approach to get work done! Based on effective time management principles, Eggscellent transforms your to-do list into manageable activities. You commit to finishing your goals; Eggscellent lets you strategize when and how to accomplish them.

Features include:
• Innovative visual timer - watch your eggs hatch! 
• Mountain Lion Reminders and Local Notifications integration 
• OmniFocus and Things support 
• Retina Display Graphics 
• Automatic Social status updates for Messages, Skype, and Adium to limit interruptions 
• Interruption Tracking 
• Custom sounds 
• Calendar integration 
• and more! 

Eggscellent was created by people who believe that time and task management can be fun and adorable.


Release Notes:

- Faster integration with all task managers
- Fixed issue for clicking start multiple times
- Fixed Support link
- Egg animation can now be hidden in preferences
- Visual timer is no longer out of sync with task
- Break length is now reset after 4 hours of inactivity


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by bryanjclark

Works eggsquisitely with - I use with Eggscellent, and the integration is really nice: just pick your tasks for the day, guesstimate how long they'll each take, and get started. It's an elegant, intelligent little app that really helps keep you focused on what you intend to do with your time. (The graphics are gorgeous, too!)

Found helpful by 20 out of 22 people
Version 1.0
Review by punkbuddha

Very Buggy. Poor Implementation of Pomodoro Technique. - Incredibly buggy. In comparison with the other primary Pomodoro Technique apps on the MAS (Tomatoes, Vitamin-R), Eggscellent falls far short both in terms of bugginess and features/concept. Here are a few of the major issues that have me returning to my current favorite Pomodoro apps Tomatoes and Vitamin-R 2: PROBLEMS WORKING WITH MULTI-POMODORO TASKS. The application regularly does not advance to 2nd, 3rd, etc. pomodoros in a specific task. Thus, after one pomodoro is completed along with its 5-min. break, when I press Start again Eggscellent begins at the first pomodoro all over, and says 1 of [However many] instead of 2 of [However many]. It doesn't happen 100% of the time, but it happens. Which means there's a bug. Also, besides the text that says 1 of [However many], there is no visual indication that a pomodoro has been completed. I like Tomatoes' implementaiton the best of all: the completed pomodoro become solid while the remaining pomodoros remain hollow. Also Eggscelent limits you to 8 pomodoros whereas Tomatoes allows 99. (Vitamin-R doesn't implement the Pomodoro Technique in this way, and one doesn't estimate the pomodoros upfront and track them.) PROBLEMS CREATING AND TRACKING TASKS. Eggscellent only has one screen, one long list. The Pomodoro Technique uses multiple lists, the primary two being Activity Inventory and To Do Today. Eggscellent eshews this system whereas Tomatoes keeps it (and Vitamin-R implements it as a Now and Later Board). I find it's much more effective and intuitive to work with the system how it's been designed (with two primary lists) than to reduce it, as Eggscellent does, to a single, long, jumbled list. Also, there is no bulk delete of tasks, only individual delete. Nor is there tagging of tasks to track task categories and later perform quick searches by tag. Tomatoes and Vitamin-R allow tagging and it's great for task tracking purposes. PROBLEMS INDICATING INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL DISTRACTIONS. You can only indicate distractions when the Visual Timer--this unnecessary (though removable via Preferences) window that hovers on the screen like a Growl notification--is active. This is the only time the keyboard shortcuts work and where you have access to + buttons. However, it only becomes active when you hover your mouse over it, thereby requiring you to stop whatever you're working on and use your mouse to activate the timer and then indicate the distraction. Lots of wasted movement and time. The app does not allow you to indicate distractions on the dropdown menu, nor does the dropdown menu register changes in real time distraction amounts that occur on the Visual Timer. Very confusing. Also, there is no way to subtract distractions in the case that they were added accidentally. You're stuck with them. APPLICATION FREEZES. Coming out of sleep mode, Eggscellent freezes and must be force quit using Activity Monitor. When pressing any button (+, Start, or Preferences), all that happens is a system beep. Application totally unresponsive. There are many other minor issues, especially with Eggscellent's superfluous and distracting visual elements, but the issues above are major. At this point, Eggscellent simply does not function correctly nor implement the Pomodoro Technique well. While Tomatoes doesn't integrate with OmniFocus or promise a cloud solution or iPhone app in the future (as Eggscellent does), I've realized it is a far better app and Pomodoro Technique implementation at this point. Similarly, Vitamin-R, while not strictly designed for the Pomodoro Technique, does integrate with OmniFocus and can be used with the Pomodoro Technique (for the most part), while also providing many more sophisticated features and customizations to fit one's work style.

Found helpful by 12 out of 14 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.0.1
Review by supernitin

Omnifocus Integration Still Broken - I paid for the previous version that was pulled from the App Store. My guess it was because of the stability and resource usage of that app. This version doesn’t just freeze like the last version so I suppose that is an improvement. However, the Omnifcous integration, which is why I paid for this, still does not work. My current actions are no where to be seeen and it instead pulls up actions from months ago.

Found helpful by 9 out of 9 people
Version 1.0.1
Review by scoobydoobystu

I wanted to like Eggscellent - I purchased the first version when it was called Pomodorable. Tons of bugs. I gave it another chance and paid for it again when they changed the name to Eggscellent. Doesn’t work with Omnifocus 2. I like supporting developers, but these developers don’t fix bugs quickly enough to use this in a daily workflow. I think I’m done waiting for them to turn this into reliable software. Eggscellent could be really great software. UPDATE: Hasn’t been updated in a year.

Found helpful by 8 out of 8 people
Version 1.0.1
Review by DrJJWMac

Nicest UI but dead development ... - The app has the nicest UI for Pomodoro. But, check the Support site and you will see its development is dead now for over a year. I especially wanted to integrate with OmniFocus 2.

Found helpful by 8 out of 8 people
Version 1.0.1
Review by Tereadia

Omnifocus integration doesn’t work - I really like the design of this app. The egg really appeals to me and being able to quickly define how many pomodoros it will take me to do a task is great. I just downloaded the latest OmniFocus and unfortunately it doesn’t pull any of my tasks (not even the flagged ones) into my Eggscellent. That would be a really nice fix, but I haven’t had much success in the support forums.

Found helpful by 6 out of 7 people
Version 1.0.1
Review by asdf4321

Works great - The omnifocus integration works great. However, you need to know that only flagged tasks show up. Help needs to be improved.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people