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Duplicate File Detective is an app which can finds and removes duplicates files on your disk. Features of Duplicate File Detective: - Support Drag and drop Drag and drop folders directly onto the selection window. You can add folders befo

A very easy to use batch rename tool. [ How to use it: ] 1. Add images to app and choose the images to rename 2 . click "rename" button 3. do some setting 4. if you want to save the renamed file to other folder, check "save to folder" option and cho

Simple timer is a beautifully designed timer that's easy to set up and use. #features includes: - eye catching timer with multiple colors - able to run multiple timers concurrently - visual notification (option to flash screen when time is up) - abl

A simple and easy-to-use timer. Using your keyboard or mouse, enter a time and click "Start" to begin the count-down process. An alarm will sound when time has elapsed. Additionally, click "Start" without entering a time to begin the count-up / s

Pocket Cup Noodle Timer adds a timer to your menu bar! Click the menu bar icon at any time to setup your cup noodle timer! Features: ◆ Perfect Timer for instant noodle. ◆ Lightweight interface for timer setup in 1 click. ◆ Diff

nice killer is a menubar task killer. It is the simplest app that helps you maintain freshness on your Mac during long day of work. If after few hours of runtime you want to refresh your environment and start over without rebooting your Mac - choose

The perfect solution for making and receiving calls on your Mac with your Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone or iPhone. HandsFree uses the built in microphone and speakers so you never have to pull your phone out of your pocket to use it, or you can

BEST SLEEP PREVENTER IS FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME! If you are awake, your Mac also should be... Appsomnia is a top bar application which prevents your Mac going to sleep, starting screensaver or dimming the screen. Just click to activate and easily

Ever watched a video and wanted your Mac to automatically stop? Ever downloaded something and didn't want your Mac to sleep while the download is running, but go to sleep afterwards? Ever had a lengthy task running (encoding a video, for example) and


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CheckSite is a simple and highly intuitive OS X app created to help anyone keep a close eye on any website's Internet availability. While using CheckSite, you will be able to customize the interval between website checks. Additionally, from CheckSite

If you need assistance, please refer to our Technical Support Team by clicking the link on the right of this page. We cannot answer to customer reviews on the App Store! === Why would you need another software to launch your applications? Because I

Just a simple click, prevent OSX from sleep when idle. ***** User FAQs****** 1. What's the meaning of the different color of the icon? A: Black icon means allow OSX go to sleep, white icon means prevent OSX go to sleep. 2. How to launch "No Sleep"

Most Mac users are familiar with the file removal process. Files are selectively moved to the Trash and summarily deleted by clicking Finder and selecting Empty Trash. Actually files removed in this fashion are still easily recoverable. iLove File Sh

SMARTReporter is an application that can warn you of some hard disk drive failures before they actually happen! It does so by periodically polling the built-in S.M.A.R.T. status of your hard disk drives as well as performing other checks for "I/O err

PathSnagger is an application which allows you to copy the path of any selected item (or items) in the Finder, apply various customizable transformations to that text, and place the result in the clipboard. People around the world use PathSnagger to:

Clean disk regularly, move© folders regularly, free disk space. How to use it: 1) Drag or add folders to app. 2) Setting folder task from menu. Key features: * Empty folder content regularly, save disk space. * Copy folder content to target lo

Batch resize&convert&compress images. [ How to use: ] 1. add images to app and choose image to resize 2. click "resize&convert" button 3. do some resize&convert settings 4. if you want to save the resized&converted image to other folder, please chec

Timing has never been easier, quicker, or more fun. You'll use timers for everything once you use Howler Timer! - Unlimited timers - Fast input and start of timers, no mouse required - Clear, resizable display - Remembers your last set timer - Allow

A powerful timer that lives in your status bar. Select a timer from the menu, and get to work. Create unlimited timers with in-app purchase.

Safe to unplug app guarantees that you will receive notification when you USB stick or SD card or external hard drive actually is safe to unplug. Keep you data protected from occasional accident! To run Safe to unplug at system start add applicatio