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Current Version: 4.8.7

Last Updated: 1 month ago

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Quit processing words and start communicating ideas. While providing beautiful typesetting for your written message, EazyDraw is an App that will let you accomplish so much more with easy to use vector drawing tools.

EazyDraw is a general purpose vector drawing App that every Mac user should have in their Dock. It has a balanced feature set, not bloated with obscure computer illustration procedures or traditional CAD complexity.

EazyDraw is perfect for technical drawings, text/page layout, computer art, architectural plans, letters and forms, logo design, flow charts, genealogy charts, maps, scientific illustrations, app icons, web graphics, and more.

EazyDraw provides full native support for SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) file format. With EazyDraw you may import and edit SVG, DXF, EPS, and PDF vector drawings. Export formats include: SVG, PDF, EPS, JPG, TIF, Favicon, Keynote and others.

64 Bit! EazyDraw 4 provides the accuracy and speed of multi-thread 64 bit computing. EazyDraw 4 DOES NOT support the legacy graphic formats: MacDraw, ClarisDraw, AppleWorks, or PICT. EazyDraw Retro is required to convert drawings in these formats. EazyDraw 4 will import drawings saved with earlier versions of EazyDraw.

Features: Layers, Multiple Drawing Windows, Symbol Libraries, English and/or Metric units, Drawing Scales, Grids and Guides, RGB and CMYK colors.

Sierra Features: iCloud, Versions, Full Screen, Resume and more.


Release Notes:

Minor Corrections and improvements. Corrected P3 wide gamut issues associated with the color wheel on High Sierra. Improved DXF export.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 4.6.6
Review by Igoncat

Don't let the special price fool you! This is a killer design app! - At the current Appstore price, this is an astonishing bargain on an incredibly multifaceted, highly professional design app. Version 6 is an even more fantastic deal for such an amazing program, with many improvements & upgrades from versions 4 & 5. I downloaded Eazydraw 4, thinking I couldn't go wrong at the price. At first it seemed somewhat complex, despite its name, with loads of tools & palettes. However, I quickly realized that's because this program is a highly sophisticated, technically advanced app that does many extremely useful things. (My only complaint about Eazydraw is that it needs to be marketed better so more people hear about it. It could easily do the kind of slick car illustrations used to sell Sketch & iDraw, both inferior apps. First of all, Eazydraw's basic drawing functions are more than equal to most drawing jobs, with many features & tools (version 6 has many big improvements, like better points-editing.) Eazydraw's elegant drawing features can seem a bit non-standard at first & there's a learning curve for the more advanced functions, but they are also highly sophisticated and precise. It does pro-level SVG work, sophisticated gradients, transparencies, etc., and imports & exports many file formats. Color settings are also pro-level, including CYMK. The user interface is extremely customizable, so you can set it up virtually any way you like, with custom themes, keyboard shortcuts, tool palette settings, etc. The user guide is extremely comprehensive and there are many online tutorials. But essentially, Eazydraw is a professional technical drawing app, capable of almost any kind of technical drawing, from designing floor plans & architectural structure to product design, electrical design, etc. Its many tools & features are comprehensive & very precise. It performs most functions of CAD programs costing hundreds of dollars, yet it is vastly easier to use than any CAD program. I used it to design an addition on my house that was so accurate the builder & the planning department were both impressed with the comprehensive detail & precision of the plans. But Eazydraw also does very respectable page layout work, with excellent text features like text-wrapping & text flow, multiple pages & other features usually found only in professional design programs. In fact, I use it mostly for design & layout work when I'm not using it for technical design. I also use Affinity Design for creative graphics, but Eazydraw actually has better layout features like text-wrapping & text-flow, multiple pages, etc. In fact, Eazydraw is currently the most versatile Mac design app on the market, with many features lacking in other design apps. Once you learn to use it you'll be amazed at all the things it can do. My advice is, grab it while it's so cheap!

Found helpful by 8 out of 8 people
Version 4.6.8
Review by Bigdaddyxboosterdiver

What a joke, nothing easy about it. - I was looking for a simple program to design a aluminum frame for my outdoor kitchen. After 3 hours I was unable to do anything. There was nothing easy about it.

Found helpful by 3 out of 6 people