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Current Version: 1.0.2

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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EasyEnvelopes is a beautiful and easy to use solution for all of your envelope printing needs. Whether you're printing a one-off envelope, or a stack of holiday greeting cards, EasyEnvelopes will make it a breeze!

Pick from existing standard envelope sizes, or design your own from scratch! You have complete control over the formatting of your envelopes, from the location of the addresses right down to line by line font/size/style control. You can even print the return address on the back of an envelope, or include USPS Intelligent Mail® barcodes for quick delivery!

EasyEnvelopes will automatically use an address that you've copied to the clipboard, or you can utilize its tight integration with Address Book to quickly look up a recipient's address. You can, of course, manually type or paste in an address, too! You also can choose to use any of your return addresses, complete with formatting and an optional graphic, or no return address at all.

Mailing lists for weddings, holiday greeting cards, and other occasions are a breeze as well. Just pick the Address Book group to use, and you can print all of your envelopes with just one click! You can even visually sort through your stack of envelopes before printing, to make sure everything is just right.

Just a click is all you need to print beautiful and professional looking envelopes with EasyEnvelopes!


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Release Notes:

-- Improved image support for return addresses
-- Enhanced font styling popover to allow font faces to be chosen
-- Fixed and enhanced text formatting handling
-- Fixed a few rare edge-case issues
-- Other bug fixes & enhancements


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0.2
Review by user1724

Great App, but a few more things . . . - I have used the old widget for years. This is a great upgrade, easy to use, easy to customize. I love the way it will take an address from the clipboard and drop it right in, a great help for those one-time envelopes not in your address book. It is too good for 4 stars, so I give it 5 stars even though I wish it had a few more things: 1) You can select an address form your address book, then make changes to print the envelope (like make it Mr. & Mrs. Jones). Great. But if you select a group to print, you cannot make any changes. You should be able to make a one-time print change as you go to the addresses from the groups also. 2) I like the graphic you can put on the return address. Now let's see a graphic option for the send to address. Would be great for Christmas cards and such, put a wreath in front of the addresses, for example 3) I would like to be able to re-order the envelope icons at the bottom (drag them left or right), and delete some of the "default" ones I will never use (it will not let you delete the default envelopes). It should just make sure you always have one envelope (cannot delete the last one), I can see why it would be a problem if you deleted all the envelopes.

Found helpful by 18 out of 19 people
Version 1.0.2
Review by petervcook

Too Many Limitation - The screenshots made the app look promising, but after using the app for a few minutes I quickly realized that the limitations would actually make printing my 160 address mailing list harder (not easier) than if I used Mac OS X's built-in Contacts app. - The screenshot makes it look like you can edit the address directly in the App, but in actuality all changes need to be done in Contacts. - The app ignores distribution lists - If the group from Contacts is updated, all of your settings such as of Font, Preferred Address are reset. Also current envelop number that is currently being viewed goes back to the first envelop, and there is no fast way to resume where you left off. - While you can reposistion the TO and FROM addresses, you can't change the size of the box. For example: A standard 3 line address at Avenir 11pt doesn't fit as a FROM address This is actually creating more work for me. Ambrososia usually makes good software, but this one is not worth the $10.

Found helpful by 11 out of 12 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.0.2
Review by dorisgetsheroats

Bugs - does not function as advertised. - Not ready for release. I should have known since the widget was full of bugs, but the few good reviews and dearth of other envelope printing apps convinced me to try this. First of all it only comes with four preset envelope sizes, and not any common ones except for #10. That wouldn't be a problem except my printer will not print any of the custom sizes I create. I have two different HP printers and they both get "stack overflow" or "invalid command" errors. Even if you only print the supplied sizes, the options to customize are limited. No font color changes, and when you insert a graphic it does not print straight. Apple should have a mechanism for getting refunds. $10 down the tube.

Found helpful by 9 out of 14 people
Version 1.0.2
Review by justaknife

Basic functionality works, if clunky. Barcodes are wrong. - Yes, this app can print envelopes. It works. The custom envelope size support is quite elegant. However, there are several big problems. On recent versions of Mac OS X, text entered into the address fields can appear cut off if the address is more than a couple lines long, which means you have to type it in blindly. The Intelligent Mail Barcode feature doesn't produce barcodes that pass the USPS's validation - they don't encode the delivery point correctly and every envelope is printed with the serial number 0, instead of a unique serial. If you just want to print envelopes with addresses, and you're OK wading through a slightly clunky user interface, this app will work for you. If you want more advanced features, look elsewhere.

Found helpful by 9 out of 9 people
Version 1.0.2
Review by mjbrancato

App has issues - I am running Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4) and the application doesn't even open. It just crashes and asks me to send the information to Apple. I discovered you have to disallow contacts from being accessed. When you get the app to open the envelope doesn't even print the correct direction. It doesn't print sideways either so unless if you have a fancy printer that can print Enevelope #10 the long ways. This is nothing more than the pointless letter feature in Microsoft Word but as a seperate over priced application. If I could just be able to rotate the envelope so I can print it out then I can probably rate this app as a 4/5 stars easily. But since it can't even do that I have absolutely no use in this application. This application is worthless. -Mike

Found helpful by 8 out of 11 people
Version 1.0.2
Review by ScottN

Love it! - I was scared this was gone when Mountain Lion came out, I didn't realize it was completely redone. I love the newest version. I like how it lets you customize weird envelope sizes (perfect for these envelopes I bought at staples that are non-standard size). It also prints the barcodes and lets me pull addresses from my address book. Well worth the $10.

Found helpful by 7 out of 7 people
Version 1.0.2
Review by Midwest Spirit

This is 'Easy' -not a full blown program - Some reviewers have complained there are not enough features. The program is 'EASYenvelopes', and that should be the first clue. Great for those one envelope jobs -or a contact list if necessary. Just the basics. If someone wants more, then there are programs like Labels & Addresses App, etc which lets a person decorate all over the envelope, use shapes, use cvs input, etc. This is great for what it does. Just a simple app to make a simple envelope, but make you look like a 'pro'. I've also used the widget since time began. I like apps that don't requrire me to look up the Help File. For those wishing for all the print options, I marvel that I never have to fiddle with settings or print envelopes which end up in the trash. Thanks for a quick, easy, dependable, app!

Found helpful by 7 out of 7 people