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Transfer files the easiest way. Just drag & drop the files to the target iOS or Mac OS X devices. WORKS WITH WIFI You don't need to be connected to internet, just use local wi-fi to transfer file. SIMPLE TO USE No need to pair devices or setup

Allows you to show or hide your desktop when you have numerous windows open iDesk Fast is a no-frills and simple to use OS X app designed to help you view your desktop when you have lost of windows open. iDesk Fast allows you to show or hide your d

DotsSweep is a small desktop application that lets you delete invisible files (ones whose file names start with ._) in a folder of your selection recursively. Actually, you can clean up multiple folders all at a time. If there are invisible files i

Gelatin automatically merges PDF, RTF, TXT, MOV,M4V, MP4, MP3, AIFF, BMP, TIFF, PNG, JPG, JPEG & GIF files. Drag and drop your files to the app, it takes care of the rest. Easy, fast, beautiful ... it's just perfect! Applications don't need complica

CopyFolderTrees can copy the entire folder tree inside of one or more folders without copying the files inside of the copied folder. This comes handy for example, if you have a complete folder tree that you need to use again for a new project, but yo

If you've ever tried to rename a large number of files by hand and thought 'there must be an easier way' or your camera gave you ugly IMG_ photo names, then Renamer is for you. With Renamer you can batch rename thousands of files in just a few secon

Do you know how many times exactly you needed to count something while working on your Mac, but you didn't have an app for that? Of course you don't, it's a paradox: in order to be able to precisely count on Mac, you needed to have an app installed a

Name Mangler is a blazingly-fast multi-file renaming tool that's incredibly easy to use. • Create single or multi-step renaming actions, save them, and share them across Macs • Rename in excess of 2,000 files per second • Use files' m

CHM Decompiler 1.5 now uses Swift and updated for latest macOS. CHM Decompiler is a small utility that decompiles and extracts CHM files (Microsoft HTML Help File Format), which is a very popular file format for documentations and books under window

Any ISO Maker by WaveInsight Software can help you easily create ISO or DMG files from CD/DVD drive or hard-disk folders. You just need to drag & drop the source folder that contains all files into the box, and click "Make ISO" button, then it comple

Have you installed many apps on your system? The LunchPad spans many pages? The scroll list for applications Dock item seems to be almost infinitely long? Then FavoriteApps is just the application that you have waited so long. Create a favorite list

Most Mac users are familiar with the file removal process. Files are selectively moved to the Trash and summarily deleted by clicking Finder and selecting Empty Trash. Actually files removed in this fashion are still easily recoverable. iLove File Sh

xQuickFR is a simple tool for search and replace operations over multiple files. You can apply ordinary "word by word" replacement, or choose to use fully featured regular expressions. xQuickFR automatically creates backups (unless you deselect this

***** New Version Launch Sale for a Limited Time! Reg Price: $18.99 ***** **** Get it to find and delete the duplicates, clean your mac hard drive quickly. Annoyed with the unnecessary duplicates on your Mac? Duplicate File Detector will help you

Twin Finder is a quick search for files with the same tools. How to use, 1,Click on the "Select" button to select a folder, or drag the folder to the list. 2.The Twin Finder will diligently analysis the files of the same name to find out, the infor

EaseUS CleanGenius is a fast and secure Mac disk cleaner & optimizer tool. It cleans up your Mac disk, removing all Trashes like system logs, caches or clutters in simple steps. With this Mac cleaner software, you can reclaim the disk space, making y

Robotic Rename enables you to convert a list of files in a way that their names will match another list of files. Usage: * Drag files, whose names will be converted, onto the top panel * Drag files, whose names will be matched, onto the middle pane

Encryption Buddy encrypts and password protects your files - it can password protect ANY type of file - this means you can password protect your photos, images, PDF files, Documents, Excel files, Word Files, pictures, etc. The developers of Encrypti

WARNING will not always work with SSD drives or RAID systems. Erases the free space on hard disks (including Solid State/SSD), USB flash drives etc, to prevent the recovery of information from deleted files. Any data which still resides in that unu

AVG Cleaner™ Clean up hidden clutter| Find forgotten duplicates| 14.7GB files cleaned in our test lab* Do you know how much unwanted data slowly accumulates on your Mac®, hogging memory and disk space? Designed specifically for Mac, AVG Cl