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Developer: Tension Software

Current Version: 1.6

Last Updated: 4 months ago

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Easy Markdown lets you create Web pages just writing plain text with Markdown simple syntax.

A text written in Markdown is a plain text which looks correctly to humans as text and automatically translates in a correctly web pages coded in html.

Inside the application the user can create nice formatted text on the left, and automatically have good looking web pages on the right.

Using Easy Markdown is simple and effective and you will get benefit even if you are an html or Markdown expert.

Easy markdown is the perfect editor for Markdown text.
The text written on the left of the page (in normal text) becomes automatically a web page on the right of the window as-you-type.

You immediately see the result and how it changes at any single keystroke (images included) . No coding required, and you can copy the html code (the body, the full page or the full page with used CSS embedded) in a click.

You can just port the copied code in a true html environment in a single copy and paste operation and you will have the same page online.

A lot of people and company already use Markdown because it is simply to master and offer the advantage to have both text and web in a single source.
Easy Markdown was realized to make all this more easy then ever.

Easy Markdown allows to open end edit directly 66 different types of text file such as TEXT, TXT, HTML, CSS and so on..

The application offers many helping tool to better format the page.

You can create correctly formatted web page without remembering the markdown rules thanks to the help from the app

At any time your can copy in addition also the RTF text to use it in other apps

The snippets manager allows to have repetitive text ready to paste in any opened document

Start of row tags can be applied in a single command to many rows in a single click

New Line can be forced to many rows in a single click (a double space at the end of any line in Markdown syntax, forces a newline in the resulting html)

When a start of row tag is applied, selecting the rows, it is evidenced in the toolbar by the auto selection of the correspondent tool.

A custom CSS (Custom Style Sheet) can be used for the web page instant visualization and the used CSS it can changed at any time via e popup menu.

You can use the CSS we have available for download and you can use also your own you can create.


• Shows the text and the auto generated web page as-you-type the plain text
• Can show both text, web and html code in collapsable split views.
• Can copy the text, the html and an RTF version with a single click
• Enhanced editor with line numbers
• Smooth web update as-you-type.
• Variable font size for editor, html view and web view.
• Instant change of CSS in use upgrades the web page
• Tags applicable rows can now be applied to more then one row per time with a single command selecting the rows and clicking the tool in the toolbar
• When you select one or more rows, if common tags or none is applied to the start of all rows, it is evidenced in the toolbar
• Common tags can be applied to all rows even if the selection doesn't include the start of the first row
• After applying a tag row (start of line or end of line) the entire row is selected
• Full Undo working with all the command that can apply Tags, Marks, and Snippets.
• Snippets manager to have repetitive text ready to paste
• Copy of the html code (body only, page, full page with CSS embedded) in 1 click
• Show images online as you insert the link
• PDF User Guide included

We are sure you will love Easy Markdown.
Money back if you aren't satisfied with Easy Markdown!


Release Notes:

• Options to save on disk Body text, Full Html page, Full html page + CSS
• Bug Fixes
• Optimization for the latest macOS


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.5
Review by SomeSillyNicknameGoesHere

Like it! - So far, this appears to be a very advanced product comapredto other simialr products I have used. It does seem to need a little polishing on a few details in the way most new products do when released. Overall I expect this to be a strong product that I am making a part of my workflow today. I will update my review further as I use the product.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 1.1
Review by wraith808

Decent application crippled by design flaw - The application itself is a minimal markdown editor, that allows you to see the markdown preview and the html output for the markdown entered. It does this acceptably, however the nice thing about markdown is that it is a plain text format. This application will not let you open documents unless they are saved with the .mdown suffix, limiting its usefulness in cross application functions. It also will not allow you to save without that suffix appended. This personally is the first time I've seen that be a hard limitation, and it turns an application that might have been useful into a 1.99 waste. Not much, but it does leave a sour taste, which is why I wanted to warn others that might run afoul of that limitation.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people