EE Tool Kit

Developer: True Blue Apps

Current Version: 2.0.0

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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EE Tool Kit provides circuit solvers, references, tutorials, and example circuits all in one easy to use app. All solutions are found using standard component values (ones you can buy) and are optimized to provide the best solution in a range of tolerances. Navigation is preformed by using the apps menus or selecting entries from a table of contents that indexes and categorizes the solvers and references. EE Tool Kit is written by professional circuit designers and hobbyists for circuit designers and hobbyists. EE Tool Kit focuses on quickly and flexibly providing useful solutions to everyday problems.

Seventy-three solvers and references are provided which address the basics (Ohms’ Law calculations) through more complex circuits such as active filters and oscillators. Eleven references and tutorials are included which provide often used information such as wire gauge tables with ampacity ratings and standard value tables.

EE Tool Kit Contents:

Basic Calculations
   Capacitance from reactance value
   dB - Common reference values
   dB - Voltage
   dB - Power
   Ohm's Law
   Inductance from reactance value
   LC resonance
   LED series resistor
   Parallel and series capacitor value
   Parallel and series inductor value
   Parallel and series resistor value
   Peak to RMS
   Reactance from capacitance
   Reactance from inductance
   RMS to peak

   >1% tolerance (EIA E192 Series)
   1% tolerance (EIA E96 Series)
   2% tolerance (EIA E48 Series)
   5% tolerance (EIA E24 Series)
   10% tolerance (EIA E12 Series)
   20% tolerance (EIA E6 Series)
   Four band resistor color code
   Resistor value check
   SMD resistor marking to value
   SMD resistor value to marking
   Three band resistor color code

   Resistor divider ratio
   Resistor & Pot divider ratio
   Resistor & Pot voltage divider - dual supply
   Resistor & Pot voltage divider - single supply
   Voltage divider - dual supply
   Voltage divider - single supply

   2nd Order bandpass
   2nd Order highpass
   2nd Order lowpass
   4th Order highpass
   4th Order lowpass
   Power Supply ripple
   Types overview

Operational Amplifiers

   555 astable (free running)
   555 monostable (one shot)
   Logic gate
   Sine and Cosine

   ANSI clearance and tap
   Basic gates
   Drill Table
   Flip Flops
   Wire Table

Reference Circuits
   Adder subtractor
   Capacitance multiplier
   Constant current source
   Current to voltage amplifier
   Crystal oscillator
   Op-amp bridge drive
   Parallel op-amps
   Parallel transistors
   Summing amplifier
   Voltage to current 1
   Voltage to current 2
   Window comparator

   Op-amp basics
   Op-amp errors

   Other Multipliers

Voltage Regulators


Release Notes:

• Completely updated interface. The handwritten look is gone and each solver or reference opens in its own window. This allows you to keep open the solvers you are using and quickly move between them. You can copy the solution from one solver and paste it into another.

• You can now copy the results of all calculations

• Added several solvers

• Small bug fixes


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by TooPieR

I - Great application for real world designers. No more cluttering my desk with scratch paper for simple calculations. Screen size works fine on my iMac but it would be nice to resize the window and scroll. I Sent note to the developer and got a reply.

Found helpful by 7 out of 7 people