EDeezy Family, Multimedia Book Publisher

Developer: JLF Entreprises

Current Version: 002

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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«EDeezy Family» is an easy-to-use editor to create your family and personal books, to enrich them with multimedia, then to drag and drop them directly into a multimedia library «eezyBooks» to be installed your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch through iTune. EezyBooks is a free application available on the AppStore.

Using EDeezy you can easily create your own multimedia albums and books on your mac, then you can publish them on the shelves of the eezyBooks library using a simple drag and drop through iTunes.

eezyBooks and EDeezy Family are made for books enriched with multimedia objects, such as slideshows enhanced with audio and vocal comments, video, music, windows open on the Internet… Now you can use your iPad, your iPhone or your iPodTouch to record your albums of memories. Your photos, your movies, your voice, your preferred music, your comments... are all integrated into multimedia books on the shelves of your eezyBooks library.

On the shelves of eezyBooks, you will find a small document explaining how to make of a personal travel book using EDeezy Family, starting from a blank page and finishing with the example published and running.

Technical description of eezyBooks / EDeezy Family

- all books can be displayed on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
- books can be designed in portrait and landscape mode. When the iPad / iPhone is rotated, it automatically shows two pages
- index bar for a general view of all pages,
The following «objects» can be played either inside a frame or full screen (these objects are displayed full screen when the iPad is rotated) :
- slideshows synchronized with music
- texts
- web sites
- other objects : Goto-page, email…

EDeezy Family and eezyBoooks are designed for family and personal use The books directly dropped through iTune are only visible on the user’s devices. A bookstore is also included in eezyBooks, allowing selection and download of other titles into the library bookshelves.


Release Notes:

Correction of a bug, improvement of the stability


More Reviews for Current Version

Version 002
Review by n2thenet

Getting better, still needs work - This version now has text option in Landscape mode and doesn't seem to crash as often. You really do need to take the developers serious when they advise pre planning. This is not a creative program, it is much more for implementing once you have all your creative ideas set. It has worked much better for me to create EVERYTHING on each of the pages (except text) in Keynote then export pages as JPEGs. I still have problems with slide shows crashing in the reader app when playing back. A couple of annoying bugs still include; no matter what I title my book in preference panel it saves it as "Book_name.edeezy" but when uploaded to my iPad the correct name magically appears, sometimes I can't open a saved book to modify or edit, and finally in the reader app, the circular icons that show a hyperlink to video or slide show, only appears AFTER it has played once (could be confusing to someone reading the pages for the first time.) The developers could really benefit from some heavy duty beta testing, especially considering the the initial price of this app. (I appreciate it when developers who, with new version 1 apps, offer them free first to get people working with it, then start charging once everything works.) One wish list item: a player/reader option in the publisher so you can test your book before exporting, right now you must send it to the iPad to discover you forgot to place a link, or it a link no longer works because you inserted a page somewhere after setting the link. Past review for version 001: I really want this program to work, and I really want to create interactive multimedia presentations for the iPad (something Keynote should do but won't without hyperlinks!) First there are several problems with the publisher program, it is clunky, crashes easily, the text option is missing in landscape mode and there is no layout capabilities (resize, position, crop etc.) Then once published the reader also has problems. The pages play back in reverse of how they are labeled during creation, the links don't always seem to work and worst of all any attempt to play a slide show on a page crashes the whole app. Support at the EDeezy site is limited to one page and outdated with a promise that some bugs for the reader will be fixed in version 2.1, but the appstore is already offering version 2.2. Very disappointing since, did I mention I REALLY want this program to work? Please fix and update soon!

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