Dungeon of the Damned

Developer: PHB Media Ltd

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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'Dungeon of the Damned' is an old-school dungeon crawler and classic point & click adventure game combined.

Legend tells of a place…
Carved into the rock, deep below the mountains…
Where men are sent to die.

You awake to find yourself imprisoned within the legendary ‘Dungeon of the Damned’.

How did you get here? Why have you been sent here? Who is your captor?

To answer these questions and make your escape you will need to uncover the dungeon’s secrets, solve its many puzzles and survive battle with the dungeon’s homicidal inhabitants!

Can you escape from the ‘Dungeon of the Damned’?

Classic point & click adventure gameplay.
Explorable grid-based 3D dungeon.
Rendered 3D graphics bring the dungeon to life.
A variety of puzzle types to solve, including:
Objects to collect and use,
Levers and secret passages to find,
Switches, pressure pads and portals!
Enemies to battle.
Atmospheric sound design and effects.
A rich and immersive storyline.
Save your game at any point.

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Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by Faragaut1945

Retro - Not really an RPG, more of a puzzle/maze game set in a dungeon. Don't let the graphics throw you off, thats the way they were intended and they really enhance the atmosphere. It's almost as if the stripped down graphics add a sense of mystery to a game that thrives on it, and the sound only adds to that effect. Nothing here seems obvious or easy, as far as the puzzles go, and thats a good thing; besides putting a lot of thought into this game, the devolpers obviously put a lot of love into it as well. The only drawback so far has been the lack of a in-game map, you'll need either a good memory or a pen & paper; I've been using a pen & paper, and as weird as it sounds it gave me the feeling of being more involved in the game. Still, I wouldn't mind seeing an in-game map added in future updates. Nice job all around, minus a star for the lack of a map.

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