Dr. Cleaner: Disk,Memory,System Optimizer

Developer: Trend Micro

Current Version: 3.2.1

Last Updated: 1 month ago

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--- 4,000,000 USERS in 30 MONTHS. 110,000 RATINGS, AVERAGE RATING 4.8 ---
Dr. Cleaner is the ONLY all-in-one FREE App that offers Memory Optimization, Disk Cleaning and System Monitoring to keep your Mac optimized for the best performance.
With a brand new user interface, Dr. Cleaner provides an easy-to-use way to optimize the performance of your Mac! Also, with Dr. Cleaner, you can easily view real-time network usage and CPU usage in the menu bar.

"It removes unwanted and useless files to clean up your mac. It does everything the description says." — Kamil.D from Australia
"Very simple - very effective. Easy to use and great way to keep your Mac optimised." — Damo1193 from U.K.
"Simply the best App I have ever used…" — Jani from Germany

[Smart Memory Optimizer]
• 1-click memory optimization
• Instantly reclaim memory from closed Apps
• Identify Apps that use a significant amount of memory

[Junk Files Cleaner]
• Quick disk clean from status bar menu
• Clean temporary files, incl. logs, mail caches, iTunes and iOS temporary files, etc.Empty Trash for current user
• Clever detection of remaining files after deleting Apps
• Clean trash in removable storage

[Big Files Scanner]
• 1-click scan of big files (customizable size from 10 MB and above)
• Multiple filters of size, date, name and type
• Local files in sync with your cloud drives can also be found
• Protected files* will not be deleted
[* Important big files can be "locked" into the protected list to avoid false deletion.]

[Duplicate Finder]
• Thorough and quick scan — it has the fast and accurate scanning technique that covers your entire home folder.
• Smart and accurate selection — duplicates are selected not only by file names but also by their contents. Files are shown in detailed previews. it can also help you "decide" which copy to delete by presenting "Auto Select" button.
• Easy and safe decision — duplicates can be sorted by file type and listed in their full route for you to track. You can decide which way to clean these files - either by putting them in to Trash or deleting them permanently.

We value your feedback! Please comment in the App Store or submit ideas and requests directly to our developers through our support portal (http://Appletuner.trendmicro.com/support).
You can also email us directly at [email protected]


Release Notes:

- Various bug fixes


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.4.1
Review by Wisco2480

Love the Big File Search! - I love being able to search for big files. It’s amazing the files that get stored that you forget about that hog alot of space. This is espeically important since I have a 256 gig SSD so my space is already limited. I also like seeing how much RAM certain programs hog. It helps to remind me to restart them regularly to free up RAM.

Found helpful by 26 out of 28 people
Version 1.4.1
Review by MacVette

Read the Privacy Policy before installing - This line in the privacy policy made me decide to not use this utility: "You can only opt out of sending Forwarded Data by not using, or uninstalling or disabling the Trend Micro Products and Services. Trend Micro reserves the title, ownership and all rights and interests to any intellectual property or work product resulting from its use and analysis of Forwarded Data.” I’m a consultant and have client IP on my Mac. I don’t think my clients would appreciate Trend Micro making a copy of their proprietary files for “analysis."

Found helpful by 30 out of 45 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.2.1
Review by Cheat-N

Great app - A small minimalist app which is easy on resources itself and can help you a lot if you have limited RAM. For me, it is just 8Gb RAM on 2012 MacBook Pro 15’ which is at any point too less for my Machine learning projects. This app keeps a check of RAM, deep clean of deleted apps, checking big and duplicate files. Some features are not free, but even with the free version, you can solve low memory issues. Highly recommended.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 3.2.1
Review by sportandpastime

Extremely functional and useful - This app does exactly what you would hope. It quietly detects and quickly cleans junk files, saving you significant GB of hard drive space on Macs, which are invariably starved for it. It does the same for RAM, especially when a long day of switching between many different apps has created a plaque of ghosted RAM that’s slowing down your machine. Dr. Cleaner is intuitive and elegant, and it uses minimal system resources. The bottom line: this is an essential Mac app.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 3.2.1
Review by msnadel

Really great app! Computer running more smoothly - I switched to Dr. Cleaner from Memory Clean 2 and I instantly noticed the difference. MC2 claimed to be cleaning up my memory, but I was still running into lots of times that my computer ran slowly or was buggy. Now that I’m using this app I’ve noticed a real difference in how my computer runs. I’ve had hardly any slowdowns or cases where my computer locks-up for a bit. And the functions of cleaning both RAM memory and junk files are both great. Highly recommended.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 3.2.1
Review by FWS1

Great app - I’ve used this app through several versions. It does its job in the background very efficiently. When I think my machine starts to bog down, I start a memory optimization. Always works! It does a deep app removal which eliminates remaining files from the app. Best of all, the basic functions are free. Thank you Trendmicro.

Found helpful by 2 out of 3 people
Version 3.2.1
Review by MJGrantastic

Perfect if You’re Low on RAM - I only have 8GB RAM on my MacBook Pro (it’s maxed out and I can’t afford another computer). I’m often being called to use it for heavy design applications. If I have 4-5 programs open at once, or if I’m working on a very large document, it eats up that RAM pretty quickly. With Dr. Cleaner I can always see if I’m approaching 90% and then I have the time to close applications, run the system optimizer, and everything is smooth sailing again BEFORE the crash. I also love the additional features, like the deep-clean. This is an essential program if you run a lot of stuff on your computer (like we all do).

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people