Dr. Cleaner: Disk, Mem Clean

Developer: Trend Micro

Current Version: 3.3.3

Last Updated: 19 days ago

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Best FREE Mac Cleaner in 2017 | Dr. Cleaner is all in one Mac Clean Master that offers Memory Free, Disk Clean, App Cleaner and more to clean my Mac. Fully compatible with macOS High Sierra on your Macbook.

--- 4,000,000 USERS in 30 MONTHS. 110,000 RATINGS, AVERAGE RATING 4.8 ---

"It removes unwanted and useless files to clean my Mac. It does everything the description says for Mac Disk Clean." — Kamil.T from Australia
"Very simple - very effective. Easy to use and great way to clean my Mac." — Damo1183 from U.K.
"Simply the best free Mac Clean App I have ever used in 2017…Most Importantly, it is an all in one Cleaner Master" — Janie from Germany

[Mac Disk Clean Map]
• Mac Disk Clean by reviewing a clickable disk map for details of system file distribution
• Easily know which files or folders use the most disk space with this Clean Master

[Memory Free Up]
• 1-click Mac Memory Clean to speed up your Mac’s performance
• Instantly frees up memory after closing Apps
• Identify Apps that occupy significant amount of memory
• All in one Mac Memory Optimization Utility

[Junk Files Cleaner]
• Quick disk clean from status bar menu
• Clean temporary files, logs, mail caches, iTunes and iOS temporary files, etc. Empty Trash for current users
• Detect and remove remaining files of uninstalled Apps
• Clean trash in removable storage to clean your Mac

[Big Files Scanner]
• 1-click scan for big files (customizable size from 10 MB and above)
• Multiple filters of size, date, name and type
• Local files in sync with iCloud drive can also be found
• Protected files* will not be deleted
[* Important big files can be "locked" into the protected list to avoid false deletion.]

[Duplicate Finder]
• Best FREE Mac Clean App for Duplicate Files with the fast and accurate scanning technique that covers your entire home folder
• Auto-select for duplicates quick disk clean
• Users can preview each duplicate to decide which file should be deleted

[Intelligent Uninstall App]
• Uninstall App for Mac Disk Clean
• Detect leftover files of deleted apps by App Manager
• All in one App Optimizer to manage all installed apps
• Get notified when there is new version of installed App found

We value your feedback! Please comment in the App Store or submit ideas and requests directly to our developers through our support portal (http://Appletuner.trendmicro.com/support).
You can also email us directly at [email protected]


Release Notes:

Various bugs fixed.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.4.1
Review by Wisco2480

Love the Big File Search! - I love being able to search for big files. It’s amazing the files that get stored that you forget about that hog alot of space. This is espeically important since I have a 256 gig SSD so my space is already limited. I also like seeing how much RAM certain programs hog. It helps to remind me to restart them regularly to free up RAM.

Found helpful by 26 out of 28 people
Version 1.4.1
Review by MacVette

Read the Privacy Policy before installing - This line in the privacy policy made me decide to not use this utility: "You can only opt out of sending Forwarded Data by not using, or uninstalling or disabling the Trend Micro Products and Services. Trend Micro reserves the title, ownership and all rights and interests to any intellectual property or work product resulting from its use and analysis of Forwarded Data.” I’m a consultant and have client IP on my Mac. I don’t think my clients would appreciate Trend Micro making a copy of their proprietary files for “analysis."

Found helpful by 30 out of 45 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.3.3
Review by TrumpfugeeInAMS

Easy, Fast, Effective - Super intuit interface, instructions, etc. Fantastic. Only reason it didn’t get a 5 is that it missed 127 GB of data in old IOS backups that are basically worthless, stretching back several years. For Mac users the files are located here: ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/. Just search and it will pop up. You can also back these files up to an external drive and or just delete if you don’t need them.

Found helpful by 1 out of 2 people
Version 3.3.3
Review by tunagee

Excellent Tool for Daily Use - I have owned my MacBook Pro with Retina since June 2013 and have been using Dr. Cleaner for about 6 months now. It has improved the speed of my MacBook and undoubtedly increased its lifespan. Since installing this app and allowing it to run, my laptop is back to working as quickly and seemlessly as it did when I first purchased it. I use my MacBook for my work as a pediatric therapist, which requires that I add and download a lot of files for my clients, and usually have to write several 4-10 page reports per week. Photo editing and graphic design are two of my favorite hobbies, and I love to utilize iMovie to make short movies as gifts and for special occasions. Dr. Cleaner has allowed me to do all of these things on one machine without having to constanlty dig through my files and clear out old or unused files on my own (which in the past required mass time & labor!). I love the optimization feature, and seeing the memory percentage in the Menu Bar allows me to quickly and conveniently optimize memory and eliminate the risk of a crash while working on big projects. This product is so incredibly useful and perhaps the best third-party app I’ve added to my Mac! Extra tip: my parents have had an iMac for about 10 years, and asked me for help when they noticed it was starting to slow down. They are not the most tech-savvy computer users, and the idea of sifting through 10 years of documents, data, photos, and other files seemed daunting to all of us. Instead, I installed Dr. Cleaner on their computer, set the optimization preferences to auto, and told them to clean out junk files every 6 months or so. They’ve been happy and satisfied ever since! Download this product, you will not regret it.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 3.3.3
Review by Eos7791

great cleaning app so far! - this worth a try!

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 3.3.3
Review by Eneia Rodrigues

Very nice application - I recommend this application because it put your computer plus fast.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 3.3.3
Review by APPitizer

Works great! - Great for my mac with a small SSD drive. Discovered the Chrome really eats up my CPU and memory if its up for awhile, which was causing a lot of problems. I may have to upgrade :)

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people