Double Klondike


Current Version: 1.1

Last Updated: 11 months ago

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Double Klondike is a two-deck variation of the very popular Klondike game, which most people just call "solitaire". Double Klondike is also known as Double Solitaire, Gargantua, and Jumbo.

The game includes options for one- or three-card draws from the stock. The one-card draw is more challenging since only two passes through the stock are allowed.

Double Klondike provides convenient features such as smart-dragging, one-click moves, and autoplay that combine to reduce the amount of tedious movement during play.

Other features include the ability to use any image on your Mac as a card back or game background, statistics, automatic game save/restore, and user-adjustable card spacing in the tableau.

Double Klondike is a subset of our larger game collection (Solitaire Plus!) for customers that prefer purchasing games a la carte.


Release Notes:

+ Adds animations for moves and autoplays to clarify card movement.
+ Displays the "open hand" cursor when a valid drop position is found during a move.
+ Supports fullscreen display.
+ Larger card layout for 1440x900 screens.


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Version 1.1
Review by Glrblwschi17

Nice Double Klondike Unless... - This is a nice double Klondike, except for one thing. It allows only two traverses of the deck. If you were planning a program that permits unlimited traverses of the deck, this isn't the one.

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