Developer: Vortimac Software LLC

Current Version: 2.7.2

Last Updated: 2 years ago

Download Size: 4.8 MB - Download


Dossier is a full featured information organizational tool for the Mac featuring an easy to use and customizable user interface. It is the ideal tool for keeping notes, to-do lists, passwords, or virtually anything else. It supports easy import of images and various other file formats - just drag and drop.

Key features of Dossier:

• 128 bit encryption - lock individual entries or entire folders
• Hierarchical data storage with unlimited nesting allow you to keep organized.
• Smart folders allow you to set up searches that constantly track information that interests you, as well as keep data organized in multiple ways
• Multiple document, multiple window editing interface
• Drag and drop import of most popular file formats (images, text, pdf, etc.)
• Customizable windows allows vertical and horizontal views and separate entry editing
• Prints entire documents, folders, or entries easily
• Export to multiple formats (text, rtf, word) - no vendor lock in
• Spotlight integration
• Linking not only to web pages, but also to other entries within Dossier
• Auto creation of links and entries using Wiki style links
• Integrated calendar allows you not only to see when entries were created, but also click on days to see the entries for that day
• Integrated spelling and grammar checker, text substitutions and transformations, text-to-speech - all the great features you expect from a top-notch Cocoa application


Release Notes:

- Fixes various bugs in the calendar while running under El Capitan (OS X 10.11).
- Updates to the import function
- Updated old code that was deprecated on later OS releases


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.5
Review by ChrisSimmons

Great app - I've been using Memoir (their other product) for about 5 years, and it worked well. I took the opportunity to upgrade to Dossier on the app store, and I couldn't be happier. Smart folders and the ability to set up multiple views are great. I should also mention that with Memoir, the developers were always willing to discuss issues and features with me, and a couple of suggestions I had even made it into the later versions of their products. All around, well worth the money!

Found helpful by 4 out of 5 people
Version 2.6.2
Review by rainyeswindno

My favorite app app for writing, research & organizing projects - I am very happy with Dossier. Unlike other apps I've bought, it was an excellent investment. It's really simple to use - I was comfortable in it minutes after downloading it, and already working productively in less than an hour. I'm a writer and editor; I do quite a bit of project managment every day and I have numerous projects underway at any given time. I use Evernote constantly and was looking for an app that would complement both Evernote and my workflow. My evaluation criteria were 1 works the way I work and with the apps I already use like Evernote, IA Writer and Marked 2 a CLEAN and functionally sleek interface that makes it easy to stay focused and a pleasure to write and work 3 the ability to create separate instances with the app I chose. This was really important to me. It was a definite selling point for me that I could have separate Dossiers. I can open the ones I want when I run the app, not like my Evernote where all of my notebooks are there all the time unless I archive them, etc. (I like that "everything in one place" aspect for different reasons when I'm doing what I do with Evernote.) It turns out you can drag things from one Dossier to another which is handy for the way I work and organize/ re organize/ and try out different iterations of things as I write. For comparison, I tried Scrivener. It's a solid product, but it has way too many features I'll never use and it complicates things for me. I even watched hours of their training videos, but I gave up - at some point you have to get on with it and it all felt like I was accomodating the app, instead of the app working for me. If it helps anyone to think about Dossier, I spent a lot of time evaluating options like Curio and Devon, too, but I decided on Dossier. (You can download a trial copy at the developer's website BTW, and evaluate it before you buy it. I had questions and the developer got back to me very quickly, too.) With Dossier, the whole interface is straightforward and from my perspective the best thing is it's not cluttered up; the tools are practical and easy to figure out for formatting text, etc., and there aren't a bunch of dependencies you have to decide or understand before you can work. You can just work and discover additional features as you go. Also, as I said, you can have as many Dossiers as you want, and within each Dossier you can have as many notebooks and nested notebooks, and of course the files themselves, as you want. Plus you can drag and drop from Evenote into a Dossier doc to make active links to everything you collect and tag in Evernote - so for me it's a perfect partner. My other favorite feature is being able to open simultaneous views of a Dossier so I can look at things more than one way while I'm working.

Found helpful by 4 out of 11 people