Developer: LaunaySoft

Current Version: V1.0.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Create, save and restore the windows opened in the Finder. Domus creates workspaces for the Finder making easy to restore working contexts with automatically opened windows.
It has been developed to bring the Finder additional features and remains unobtrusively in the menu for easy and fast access. Just ask Domus to remember the opened windows and the way you want them placed and Domus will get them back in place by itself, upon demand.
Domus memorizes windows location, size, style, icon order, on/off tool bar, side bar size etc…
Workspaces are managed in easily accessible lists. You can give a name and manage different working contexts : office, music, video, etc…

In a few words: Add workspaces management to the Finder!


More Reviews for Current Version

Version V1.0.0
Review by Napzero

Limited but works - Pros: It works! Cons: A bit quirky with Spaces: You cant open a workspace again in another space. It closes and re-opens the windows in the first space. In an empty space - opening a workspace with Finder in focus will take you to the last open space with Finder windows and open the workspace there. Having another app in focus will correctly open the Finder windows in the new space. Might be a 1.0 bug. It saves windows from all spaces, and re-opens them in one space. Worth it? Yes - If you use the heck out of Finder and often open the same set of windows. No - If you really need support for Spaces. I have been looking for something like this a long time. If it played nice with Spaces, it would be perfect.

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