Domain Name Analyzer

Developer: Softnik Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Current Version: 2.2.1010

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Domain Name Analyzer is a powerful domain name research software. Use it to create domain names from keywords and alphabet templates and quickly check for domain availability.

Domain Name Analyzer supports all top level domains and most country code domains. It also supports International domains (IDNs).

You can also use Domain Name Analyzer as a simple domain management tool. For advanced Domain Portfolio Management please use Watch My Domains.


Release Notes:

Support for a number of new global TLDs like 'bike', 'guru', 'recipes' and more. Previously this required a manual configuration change.

Minor fixes and updates.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 0
Review by MARSâ„¢

WOW AMAZING! - This is EXACTLY what I needed to think of a new .com name! THUMBS UP. I'll even donate some money without being asked because this is great!

Found helpful by 2 out of 4 people
Version 2.0.1001
Review by John Appleby Jr.

It could be a great app. But... - OK. I'm in the domain business, and having just converted to Macs I REALLY needed a tool for the job. Quite high expectations to be honest… The truth is : this app seems so cluttered and unfriendly, I'm really glad I didn't spend any money on this… There are far better FREE alternatives in the store too...

Found helpful by 2 out of 3 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.2.1010
Review by lionlight

Essential tool for Mac based web developers and domainers - Awesome tool! Love the covert way it checks for availability, drastically lessening the chances the name is snapped away from you by the shady and the dishonest. My only gripe, perhaps, is that when I used the name generator and it made 400 variations, the program crashed. A little more stability would be good. And, of course, I hope for lots of new features… but that’s going to come from people buying it. More users. So if you can, please buy it! Support the few people who make great programs like this, and we’ll get even more features and more programs of this type. For our type of industry, the cost is nothing. Tools like this are truly invaluable, and very much appreciated. Also great because with Mac based programs like this for our industry, we’re not forced to use weird or gross PC stuff. :) Heh. Furthermore, with a Mac based program like this, there’s less chances of security breaches (like people looking at the names you are searching for) than there are with “cloud” based platforms. Cloud is cool and all, but with recent revelations of privacy violations, we all know it’s not necessarily the safest. These more traditional style client side programs help protect us from prying eyes and potential industrial espionage. Phew! That sounds serious… but of course, it is. Hope this review helps.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 2.2.1010
Review by mchelles

Great concept and potential…but... - Sadly, this app crashed after a few attempts in using it…so my review is kind of limited. I love the concept of this app - truly would be an invaluable tool for any internet marketer - but it needs to work and could use a few additional features to be more functional. Pros: The interface is easy enough to understand - you first have to add in some keywords to the list. It gives you three boxes, allowing you to mix and match up to three lists. From there, it begins generating ideas and you can then start filtering based on availability, length, expiring domains, etc. The filters are nice, and if a domain is already registered, it gives you some basic data. The features I would most like to see: ~ Saving/Organizing of keyword lists you use: I’d like to be able to manage my keyword lists from the app itself and then choose a list maybe from a drop down menu where you enter keywords. For now, I’ve just created seperate text files organized by website niche/category in a folder on my computer. ~ Change the order of keyword lists - If you put a word in box 1, the generated domains all start with what is in box 1. Would be nice if there was an arrow to click on to switch the different orders that show. ~ Faster display of available domains without all the data - It seems this app gets all the info while it is generating - maybe the domain list should be generated first, and then you could click on a button to create a seperate action for looking up the IP address and all the additional info - this would maybe speed up the process. ~ Filter for 15 character limit - this would be nice for finding domain names that would also be under the character limit for social network sites like Twitter/Pinterest/etc.

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