Developer: Obvious Matter

Current Version: 1.9.9

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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DiskLibrary is great for organizing your images, movies, PDFs and other files you have stored on external media.

If you are a photographer, designer or just have lots of files on external disks and want to be able to search and view thumbnails then DiskLibrary is the application for you!

"I strongly recommend that you check out DiskLibrary. When I started at Epic, this was the very first recommendation I made for the company."
Eric Kmetz (Infocus)

"I don’t know how I survived without DiskLibrary. It has helped me keep all of my external files in order and keeps me from creating duplicates."
Tina Brunner (Apple Views)

"Tried it on a nearly full Terabyte drive and it worked flawlessly. Indexed thousands of files in under 15 minutes. Faster than data transfer. Highly recommend."
Dennis Hart (b-roll.net)

✓ Makes it easy to catalog all of your CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, and removable drives.
✓ Search in all catalogs for files based on keyword, date, category, size, and more.
✓ Catalog the full file structure from CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, remote hard drives, zip drives, USB sticks, etc.
✓ Creates beautiful thumbnails of images, movies, PDF document covers, AAC/MP3 album art.
✓ Look inside ZIP-files
✓ Import Spotlight comments
✓ Import CDFinder, WhereIsIt, FileFinder, DiskCatalogMaker and DiskTracker catalogs
✓ Gather meta-data like AAC/MP3 tags, XMP/EXIF/IPTC image info, PDF info, Word/RTF document info.
✓ Use smart-catalog folders to store search results just like iTunes.


Release Notes:

- Improved scrolling speed of the catalog list
- Other minor bug fixes


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.9.9
Review by jfbloom22

The idea is great, implementation could be so much better - I have over a dozen external hard drives and this helps me keep track of what is on them. However, it is a real challenge to keep DiskLibrary up to date. Basically, before I disconnect a drive I need to re-index it with DiskLibrary. This means about 30minutes of indexing every time I want to disconnect a drive. Well, it does not always happen and I end up cycling through all my hard drives occassionally looking for a file - very time consuming and essencially makes the app useless. I was hoping for future development since it is so expensive, but no significant changes to the app for over 6 months. I will give it 5 stars as soon as you add the ability to do some sort of smart update. It would be great if when I launch DiskLibrary it detects what hard drives are connected and automatically updates the indexes for all of them.

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