Disk Scope

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Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Do you have an overfilling hard drive? Or are your files just scattered everywhere around your Mac? Disk Scope solves this problem, it gives you a visual layout to where your files are, shown as bars.

When you open Disk Scope for the first time you immediately notice the simplicity, Disk Scope asks you to select your Macintosh HD for added security and once you’ve completed that, your greeted with a friendly layout that’s easy to understand.

Whether your a computer novice or just starting out, you will find Disk Scope simple and a breeze to use.
The app immediately scan's your hard drive for Caches, Caches are useless but yet they take up lots of space on your Hard Drive. This is where Disk Scope solves the problem, it removes all the caches leaving you with free space! Disk Scope can continue to remove Caches which form over time.

- Simple, whether your a novice or a beginner
- Cleans unneeded caches
- Shows where you’ve used disk space
- Effective, and a must have utility
- Free's vast amounts of unneeded Caches


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Review by Chillyhorse

Disk Scope - This APP is truly easy to use and a great utility to have. We have all experienced the slowing down of our MACs over time, and as soon as I used this APP I noticed a big difference. Get it while it's free, because once people realize how good it is, the demand will go up!

Found helpful by 6 out of 12 people